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How many flights have you missed?

I have to admit, I have a very bad track record with missed flights. Looking back I have missed far more than I should have, the worst example being the time I missed three flights in one day, no joke. I was in Ireland on business, and had been at a client site the day before, installing some new equipment. The client in question invited me to a private function that evening; they had hired a nightclub and turned it into a fun casino for the event. Free food, free drinks and Irish hospitality left me rather worse for wear by the time I staggered back to my hotel room.

I drunkenly set my alarm for 6am before falling asleep, as I had an early flight, do you think I even heard that alarm? I woke up one hour before the flight, a mad dash to the airport saw me miss it by five minutes. The airline staff were helpful; they moved me onto a flight that would be leaving in two hours. I decided to make my way up to the deserted viewing area and sleep for an hour more before boarding the flight; I woke up three hours later! The same airport staff were on hand, with scarcely hidden giggles, they moved me to yet another flight departing an hour later.

Determined to make this flight, I sat and nursed a cup of coffee, with my eyes firmly fixed on the boarding display. My flight was eventually called, and I headed to the check in. I only had my briefcase with me, so checked in no luggage. With 20 minutes to go, I walked up to the security check booth, and placed my briefcase on the conveyer belt and walked through the beep beep machine. As my briefcase came through the x-ray machine, I noticed a strange expression on the face of the person operating it. I was summoned over, and my briefcase was searched. Inside, they found my specialist tool kit, and some complicated testing equipment, they decided I could not take any of this on-board as it was a security threat (I was having a sense of humour failure by this time). They told me I would either need to leave the briefcase, or miss the flight, as it was now too late to have it put into the cargo hold. That’s right, flight number three missed! I finally made in back to England at 2am the next morning!

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Kellie Hodge
Posted: August 18, 2008 by Kellie Hodge 0 comments
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