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Five tips for a comfortable flight

There can be no doubt that an economy class, long haul flight, can be one of the most uncomfortable things we put ourselves through. Although the discomfort cannot be removed entirely, below are five tips to ensure that you have the most comfortable flight possible.

·         Travel Light – Preferably only with cabin luggage, certainly if you are going no on a short trip. If you must take large baggage, keep it to a minimum, and be sure to use an airport trolley instead of trying to carry it, nothing is worse than boarding a plane, already hot and sticky.

·         Don’t Dehydrate – Low cabin pressure at high altitude causes dehydration, be sure to drink plenty of fluids before and during your flight. Try to avoid alcohol at all costs; just ask anyone who has ever suffered from a hangover at altitude how it felt and you will understand. Alcohol dehydrates you severely, exacerbating the situation caused by the pressure in the cabin.

·         Exercise- Maybe you cannot jog up and down the aisle, but you can perform stretching exercises in your seat, try to tense your muscles and relax them repeatedly. Be sure to rotate and flex your ankles frequently, as they will be prone to swelling during the flight.

·         Dress Sensibly – Tight fitting clothing and shoes will leave you feeling stifled, dress in baggy, comfortable clothes and low heeled, soft shoes. Don’t be afraid to take a change of clothing on board with you, a set of fresh clothes can be a great way to refresh yourself during a long flight.

·         Relax – Many people find flying stressful, extended periods of stress can be harmful, try to relax. The stretching exercises discussed above will help with this. If all else fails try sleeping, most airlines now supply a light blanket and a pillow. Take along something to cover your eyes, if you are the kind of person who has trouble sleeping when it is light.

So there we have it, some great tips for staying comfortable throughout your flight. Remember that the cabin staff are on hand to assist you, and are well trained in helping flyers enjoy the best flight possible, flying may be tiresome but there is no reason it should be overly uncomfortable or become stressful. Enjoy your flight and arrive refreshed at your destination.

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Kellie Hodge
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