April 2018
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Puncture in a Rental Car – What to do?

Getting a puncture on your car can be a bit of a nightmare and a costly one at that, so what happens with a rental car if you happen to be the unfortunate one who gets a puncture? The simple answer is, you are liable for the cost of a repair / replacement, even though you are going to give the car back at the end of your holiday / trip.

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UK Road Signs - Do You Know Your UK Traffic Signs?

As part of the Driving Theory Test in the UK, you are expected to have an understanding of the traffic and road signs commonly used on UK roads in accordance with the highway code. However there are some very unusual signs that you may never see on the roads, however it’s still useful to understand what they are.

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New 2018 UK Driving Laws you need to know about

There are a host of new driving related laws coming into effect in 2018, we’ve picked out those that are most likely to affect our customers (and future customers!) driving in the UK and our international customers visiting the UK and using it’s motorways.

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