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New 2018 UK Driving Laws you need to know about

There are a host of new driving related laws coming into effect in 2018, we’ve picked out those that are most likely to affect our customers (and future customers!) driving in the UK and our international customers visiting the UK and using it’s motorways.

MOT Changes – From May 20th 2018

MOT test are to become more stringent and will target diesel cars following the recent negative publicity around NOx emissions and the harm to human health. New testable items include;
  1. Any diesel car that has had it’s DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) removed or modified will fail.
  2. Non standard high output headlamps will also be banned and result in a fail.
  3. Reverse lights will be tested for the first time
  4. Brake fluid will be tested (will fail if visually deteriorated)
  5. Classic cars over 40 years old exempt (first registered pre 1978 – Reg Prefix T)
  6. Advisory items will be replaced with ‘minor’ or ‘major’ faults. Major faults must be fixed before the car can leave the test centre.

Learner Drivers Allowed on Motorways

From June 4th 2018, learner drivers will be allowed (and encouraged) to drive on the motorways, although motorway driving won’t be part of the driving test. The aim is to encourage learner drivers to use motorways and learn how to drive safely on them. Until now, learner drivers were prohibited from using the Motorway network, however it does form part of the Pass Plus syllabus.

UK Motorway Penalties

With Smart Motorways (formerly managed Motorways) being rolled out throughout the UK (M25, sections of M4, M42, M1, M20) it will now be an offence to use the designated hard shoulder lane when it is not in use. ANPR cameras mounted on gantries over the Smart Motorway already issue over 1,000 speeding fines every week (over 50,000 per year) will not be used to issues £100 penalties for anyone using the hard shoulder when not in use. The overhead gantries set the speed limits and lanes in operation to reduce congestion in busy periods.

smart motorway fines

Changes to Practical Driving Test 2018

Additions to the practical element of the driving test will include;
  • Reverse parking into a parking space
  • 10 minutes independent driving with no instruction
  • Following a Sat Nav directions safely

Children’s Car Seats

  1. Backless booster seats will only suitable for children at least 125cm tall (4’1) or weighing more than 22kg (3st. 7lb)
  2. All children under 15 months old must travel in a rear-facing car seat
  3. All children must use a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall (whichever comes first)
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Chloe Demaret
Posted: April 12, 2018 by Chloe Demaret
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