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Paphos Airport Queues Worst on a Wednesday

‘The longest queue of my life’ was how Rhino Car Hire’s Chloe Demaret described the chaos she encountered when stepping off a plane last Wednesday at Paphos airport.

At the end of a five-hour flight most of us are looking forward to stepping off the plane and starting our holiday. Unfortunately chronic staff shortages and an over ambitious amount of flight arrivals in a short space of time led to many passengers experiencing queues of two hours or more, just to enter the airport. On entering the airport the endless queuing to get through security continued. During April, daytime temperatures in Cyprus are very pleasant and as the photos show clear skies common, however during summer months this could prove to be a health hazard when temperatures soar.

With the high tourist season just around the corner Paphos will not want the bad publicity that an inefficient airport system could produce. The situation has already been shared widely on social media. However a favourable solution will not necessarily come easily. Disgruntled passengers may find the best out let for their complaints to be the airlines themselves. Passengers have little to no recourse with the airport itself and whilst very frustrating it’s unlikely that the airport will be influenced by passengers themselves. The airlines however to whom customers pay their fares have the ability to influence the airport as it is ultimately the airlines who are the customers of the airport. If the airlines can apply pressure on the airport to improve the service that it offers their customers, hopefully the excessive queue times can be resolved long before summer arrives where customer could be stood outside for up to 2 hours in temperatures well into the mid 30’s.

Future passengers should be aware that travelling on a Wednesday is by far the Airport’s busiest day, with the majority of Thomson and Easy jet flights scheduled for landing throughout the afternoon. Here are some things you may want to consider on arrival at the airport:
  • While waiting for luggage send a member of your party ahead to the car hire collection desk. This way you will beat the queues on leaving the airport.
  • If you have some one waiting for your arrival, it may be best to phone them once you are through security; thus avoiding a hefty car parking ticket.

Phil Partridge
Posted: April 13, 2016 by Phil Partridge 0 comments
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