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Discover the Excitement Surrounding the New Paphos Marina

Paphos is set to alter its landscape and enter a new era of leisure in an exciting venture that will see its coastline transformed into a luxury waterfront marina.

The long awaited Paphos Marina has gone through a ten year bidding process with investors and locals alike keen for the building work to begin. There have been various hold ups in the bidding process including a supreme-court judgement excluding the joint venture Cybarco-Pandora from being involved in the project. The second in line applicant, Poseidon Grand Marina Joint Venture has been successful and all hopes are now focused on a prompt start to the development.
Paphos Marina Before
The coastline view west of Paphos is set to change beyond recognition

The development of Paphos Marina is expected to have a positive effect on the local economy. Paphos is an area largely reliant on tourism for jobs and the expected increase in visitors due to the new marina is welcome news to a town that has experienced its ups and downs in relation to visitor numbers over the past five years. There is a degree of optimism throughout the Paphos community at present and this is being heightened by the prospect of a new Marina.

Philip Ammerman the co-founder and managing partner of ECN Business Intelligence has recently given a talk about how he views Paphos’ economic potential and the news is good. He believes now is a good time to be investing in the town and that there are positive signals of economic recovery. The international interest in the marina, as well as interest from the rest of Cyprus is a positive sign that large investments such as the development of a new marina are not only welcomed but also necessary for the continuation of this economic improvement.

There is a real buzz about the new Paphos Marina and its clear to see why. Plans include space for 1000 plus yachts as well as sailing boats and speed boats. The luxury marina is enhanced by the proposal of a contemporary leisure complex with theatres, tennis courts, restaurants and a distinguished pier planned. There is even talk of a lazy river sprawling its way through the lavish amenity.

This exciting project will not only enhance the already popular harbourside with locals and tourists alike, but will create jobs for the community of this coastal town. The proposed marina is in high demand from yacht owners in neighbouring countries such as Greece and Asia Minor. The influx of visitors using the marina or those simply attracted by this appealing development is sure to help local businesses and attract holiday makers.

The space has been cleverly designed to incorporate the traditional features of Paphos architecture with the modern cosmopolitan feel of the marina. The new design will link the 28th Oktomvriou Square with the Kostis Palama and Dionisios Solomou squares. The proposals also plan to amalgamate the existing archaeological sites.

One thing is for sure, when Paphos Marina is completed, the queues at Paphos Airport will need to be resolved.

We’ll be following the developments at Paphos Marina closely. Be sure to drop back for an update soon or follow our updates at #Paphosmarina


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