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Tips on How to Save Money on Car Hire

There are of course many ways in which you can save on your next car hire, comparing prices between suppliers, or simply coming to us and saving yourself a lot of time.  Finding the cheapest car hire on the market should not be the end of the journey however.  Once you have booked your car with Rhinocarhire.com, you can make even more savings on your car hire experience by following some of our simple tips on how to save money on your next car hire, all based around the fuel element of your trip. 

It cannot have passed you by that fuel costs have risen significantly over the last 12 months with fuel in the UK hitting £1.50 per litre in some places.  A full tank of fuel in the average family car can now cost over £75.  When buying a car, most people do consider the running costs and fuel efficiency has become a very hot topic in car showrooms!  Here are our top tips to saving on your holiday fuel bill;

1. Choose the right car - We have lots of cars to chose from, so make sure you select the car that is most suited to your journey.  If you are travelling as a couple, a large estate car is not only more expensive to hire, but will no doubt be more expensive to run - perhaps consider a compact or economy car.  Check the vehicle details when you get a quote and you can check the cars miles per gallon (manufacturers figures).  A car with a high MPG will travel further on the same amount of fuel compared to one with a low MPG.  If you are planning to cover a lot of miles on your trip, you could halve your fuel bill by choosing a car with high MPG figures.

2. Driving Style - Not limited to your holiday, you should consider your driving style to reduce your fuel consumption.  Smooth driving and changing up a gear earlier will reduce engine revs and reduce your fuel consumption.  If it's not too hot, open the windows or sunroof and resist using the air conditioning -this drains power from the engine and uses more fuel.

3. Plan ahead - Know where you are going and plan a route.  Most holiday makers are unfamiliar with the roads and getting lost is not uncommon.  Driving around all day trying to find your villa or hotel is a sure fire way to use more fuel.  You can always hire a sat-nav if that helps!

4. Speed - Driving fast uses more fuel as the engine is working harder, so whilst you might save 5 minutes on your journey, it will cost you not only in fuel, but in the potential speeding fine you might get.  You are on holiday anyway, what's the rush?

5. Luggage - Adding weight to the car will reduce the MPG as the engine has to work harder to accelerate and maintain speed.  Get to your villa or hotel and unpack everything you don't need to carry around.  Take your towels, sun cream and water when you go to the beach, but don't take your suitcase! I wouldn't recommend leaving your mother-in-law at the villa either, I'm not sure the fuel saving would be worth the ear ache!

These simple tips could save you up to 50% on your holiday fuel bill, choosing the right car is key and then making the most of the car you have will also go a long way to help you make savings this summer on your car hire.

These hints and tips are of course free!
Chloe Demaret
Posted: April 07, 2011 by Chloe Demaret 0 comments
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