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Guide to Driving In Sweden - Drive Safe in Sweden

  Drive Smart – Sweden
Driving in Sweden is an absolute pleasure because of the high quality of the roads and the low level of accidents. However, driving in cold countries always has its risks. That's why we offer the full winter package including snow tires to our customers.

We give you a guide of what to look out for when driving in Sweden. Remember to book your car hire Sweden vehicle as far as possible in advance.

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  Are there any special requirements for driving in Sweden?
It is possible to drive the whole length of Sweden in a car. If you are coming there from the United Kingdom you might drive to Sweden through Europe via Denmark or Germany. Should that be the case consider taking the Øresund Fixed Link bridge which joins Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmö in Sweden.

Speed limits are very strictly observed in Sweden with a maximum 30 km/h limit for residential areas. Electronic signs will inform you of any changes to the normal speed limits. As in the UK speed limit signs have a red circle with a black background. It is illegal to talk on a mobile phone while driving in Sweden. You should also be aware that animals can run out into the road in Sweden such as elk and moose.

Driving is on the right in Sweden and you should give way to the left at any sort of intersection. Overtaking is on the left only. Vehicles must drive with dipped headlights at all times, even in bright summer sunshine. Winter tires must have a minimum tread depth of 3 millimeters while summer tires must have a minimum of 1.6 millimeters tread depth. You must use winter tires during that time of year though all weather tires can also be used. Heavy vehicles of more than three and a half tonnes must have snow chains if snowy weather is to be expected. Driving a car which has insufficient grip for the road surface is illegal.

  What should I do if an accident occurs?
You should have a red warning triangle and a fluorescent vest in your car in case of an accident. Wearing the latter, place the former a safe distance from your car to warn other drivers of the accident. Call 112 to get the police. Get the licence number, name and insurance company of the other driver. Try to take photographs if you can. Also attempt to get the names and addresses of any witnesses. Then contact us and / or your insurance company. 
  What are the seat belt regulations in Sweden ?
It is mandatory for the driver and all passengers to wear seatbelts in the front and back seats. Children under the age of seven must have special fitted child seats.
  What are the motorway signs?
The motorway signs have a white picture of a motorway with a green background.

Sweden Motorway Sign

  How much does fuel cost in Sweden?
Fuel costs are quite high compared to the rest of Europe so budget for this. 1.37 Euros for unleaded petrol, 1.41 Euros for unleaded 98 and 1.27 Euros for diesel.
  What is the alcohol limit?
In Sweden there are severe penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol and they have a very low alcohol limit.  The legal limit is only 0.02%. Because of this we advise you to avoid drinking and driving completely, especially as you can be pulled over at any time for a breathalyser check.
  What documents do I need?
You must carry your driving licence and vehicle registration. Proof of insurance is also mandatory. It is a good idea to have your passport with you as well.
  Can I use my domestic licence in Sweden?
Yes but only if it is an EU licence. If your documents are in English, German or French will have no problems however if they are in a foreign language then you need to have an international driving permit.
  What phrases might I find useful when driving?
Accident – Olycka
Police - Polis
Yes - Ja
No - nej
Gas stations accepting cash - Sedel automat
Please - Tack
Thank you very much - Tack så mycket
You're welcome - Ingen orsak

  Are there any toll roads?
Yes the Oresund Bridge is a toll road and costs 395 Swedish Krona to cross it. This rises to 790 Krona if you are towing a caravan.

Sweden Oresund Bridge

There is also a congestion charge for going into the centre of Stockholm of 20 Krona.
  What are the speed limits?
Urban areas - 50 km
Dual Carriageway - 90 km
Motorways - 110 km

  What is the conversion for kilometres to miles?
The conversion from kilometres to miles per hour is one kilometres = 0.62 miles per hour. Therefore the speed limit in urban areas is 30 miles per hour.
  What is the minimum age for driving?
The minimum driving age is 18 but this can be 21 or 25 for car hire Sweden drivers. Drivers under 25 years of age may have to pay a young drivers surcharge.
  What number do I call for the emergency services in Sweden?
The emergency services number is 112, and the police can be contacted for non urgent enquiries on 11414.

The United States Embassy in Sweden is at Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 31, SE-115 89 Stockholm. You can phone on (46) 8 783 5300. Their website is http://stockholm.usembassy.gov/

The United Kingdom Embassy in Sweden is at Skarpögatan 6-8, Box 27819, 115 93 Stockholm. You can phone on (46) 8 671 3000. Their website is http://ukinsweden.fco.gov.uk/en/

  What should I know about parking?
Parking in Sweden can be expensive and difficult. If you manage to find a parking space in the centre of the city it will only be for a limited time as time restrictions apply. If you get one display, your parking ticket which is available from a parking meter on the dashboard of the vehicle. It will cost you 10-30 SEK per hour from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday. Parking on Sundays is free. No parking signs have a blue background with a red ring around them and a red line through the middle.

Because of the restrictions many people choose to use central garages instead but these are also pricey. They cost 30-60 SEK per hour. One of the best options is to use the park and ride system where you park your car cheaply and take public transport into the centre.

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