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Guide to Driving In Puerto Rico - Drive Safe in Puerto Rico

  Drive Smart – Puerto Rico
Having a rental car in Puerto Rico is a good idea as public transport is unreliable. Therefore car rental is the best way to explore if you plan on venturing outside of the capital San Juan. You can get cheap prices, starting at 27 dollars per day, on a range of vehicles but be sure to book car hire Puerto Rico well in advance. Cars can be picked up from the international airport as well as major cities and hotels there.
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  Are there any special requirements for driving in Puerto Rico?
Cars drive on the right in Puerto Rico with overtaking on the left. It is a good idea to know some Spanish when you are driving in Puerto Rico as that as local language. However you can get by on English. In the cities try to avoid driving during the rush hour times of 8 AM – 10 AM and 4 PM - 6 PM as traffic then is always bad.

Puerto Rico TrafficRoads in the countryside can be quite dangerous because they have narrow bends and local drivers may not always slow down. Driving defensively is a good idea with a warning honk just as you turn a corner. Other roads may only have one-and-a-half lanes so proceed carefully.

Although there are good quality roads in Puerto Rico you will often find it faster and more comfortable to travel on the toll roads. They are quite cheap, only costing $1.50 for small vehicles.

It is worth knowing that distances in Puerto Rico are measured in kilometres but speed limits are done in miles.

Always have a good map or rent a low cost satellite navigation system from us as signs can be few and far between. Also make sure to get a car with air conditioning as it is always hot and humid in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Map

  What should I do if an accident occurs?
Do not move the car unless it is dangerous not to do so. Then phone the police on 911 and your car hire company. You should try to swap insurance details and addresses with the other driver. Take pictures of the accident if you have a camera handy. Police cars can be recognised by the blue bar on light on the front of the vehicle.
  What are the seat belt regulations in Puerto Rico ?
It is illegal for drivers and passengers not to have a seatbelt on and children who are under 12 years of age need to have a proper child seat and sit in the back.
  What are the motorway signs?
Because Puerto Rico is affiliated with the United States motorway signs are exactly the same in the US although the writing may be in Spanish.
  How much does fuel cost in Puerto Rico?
Petrol is sold by the litre and not the gallon and visitors will find that petrol is little bit cheaper than on mainland America. Although prices are variable it may cost $1.74 per litre in San Juan.
  What is the alcohol limit?
The drink driving limit is 0.08. There can be serious fines and jail time for exceeding this. If in doubt do not drink and drive.
  What documents do I need?
You need your home driving licence if you are American, or an International Driving Permit if from other parts of the world. Have some proof of insurance and your passport handy too.
  Can I use my domestic licence in Puerto Rico?
Only if you are American, otherwise you need an international driving permit.
  What phrases might I find useful when driving?
Highway – Carretera
Stop – Pare
Toll Roads – Autopista
Toll Pass - RFID Autoexpreso

  Are there any toll roads?
Yes there are three toll roads in Puerto Rico. For this reason you should always have some change handy. They are quite cheap only costing $1.50 for small vehicles. Although there are good quality roads in Puerto Rico you will often find it faster and more comfortable travel on the toll roads.

Puerto Rico Toll Road

The left hand lanes are reserved for RFID (Autoexpreso) toll passes so ask our staff about the possibility of getting one of these. Otherwise you should head for Lane A which accepts coins or Lane C if you need change. Lane C is usually on the far right hand side.
  What are the speed limits?
25 miles per hour in the city
45 miles per hour on country roads
55 - 65 miles per hour on highways

It is worth knowing that distances are measured in kilometres but speed limits are done in miles. $50 speeding tickets are issued by police, with an extra $5 for every mile that you are over the speed limit.

  What is the conversion for kilometres to miles?
The conversion from kilometres to miles per hour is one kilometre = 0.62 miles per hour. Therefore 45 miles per hour is 72 kilometres.
  What is the minimum age for driving?
To drive in Puerto Rico you need to be at least 18 years old but car rental companies will likely only rent to you if you are over 23. There may be a young drivers surcharge for drivers between 23 – 25 years of age.
  What number do I call for the emergency services in Puerto Rico?
The emergency services number is 911.

The Puerto Rico Tourism office is at La Princesa Bldg. #2 Paseo La Princesa Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902.

The UK Embassy in Puerto Rico is at Torre Chardon, Suite 1236, 250 Chardon Av, San Juan Puerto Rico 00918. Their contact is (1) (787) 758 9828.

  What should I know about parking?
Your best bet for parking in the capital San Juan is to look for a parking lot called La Puntilla. This always has spaces and only charges a fixed daily price. Do not even bother looking for somewhere to park in the Old Town as there are very few spaces.

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