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Car Hire in The State of Massachusetts  

Three large bays define the geography of the eastern coastal state of Massachusetts. They are Buzzards Bay, the Cape Cod Bay, and the Massachusetts Bay. The biggest city in Massachusetts is Boston and car rental Boston is the best way to get around this state which draws many tourists every year. Boston’s main airport is the Logan International Airport which has flights to a number of worldwide and domestic destinations.

Driving in Massachusetts can be a convenient way to explore the state's diverse landscapes, historic sites, and vibrant cities. The type of vehicle you'll want to rent or use depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some recommendations and information about driving in Massachusetts:

1. Vehicle Type:

The choice of vehicle depends on your travel plans. If you're mainly exploring urban areas like Boston, a compact or mid-sized car can be suitable for navigating city streets and parking in smaller spaces. If you plan to explore rural areas, visit national parks, or embark on outdoor adventures, a larger vehicle like an SUV or crossover may be more comfortable and provide better access to various terrains.Consider the size of your travel group and any specific needs, such as space for luggage or sports equipment.

2. Road Conditions:

Road conditions in Massachusetts are generally good, with well-maintained highways and roads. Major highways like I-90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) and I-93 connect major cities and regions. However, be prepared for occasional potholes, especially during the winter months when freezing and thawing can cause road damage.

3. Traffic:

Traffic conditions in Massachusetts can vary depending on the time of day and location. Boston, the state's capital, experiences heavy traffic during rush hours, so be prepared for congestion in and around the city. Other urban areas like Worcester and Springfield may have traffic, but it's generally less dense than Boston.

4. Highways and Roads:

Massachusetts has a mix of highways, local roads, and scenic byways. While major highways like I-90 and I-93 connect different regions of the state, you'll also find picturesque routes like the Mohawk Trail and Cape Cod Scenic Byway. Some rural areas may have narrower roads, so drive cautiously and be prepared for slower speeds in certain locations.

5. Parking:

Parking in Massachusetts cities, especially Boston, can be challenging and expensive. Look for parking garages or lots when visiting urban areas.
In smaller towns and rural areas, parking is generally more accessible and affordable.

6. Scenic Routes:

Massachusetts offers numerous scenic routes and coastal drives, including those along Cape Cod, the Berkshires, and the North Shore. These routes are perfect for leisurely drives and sightseeing.

In summary, the choice of vehicle in Massachusetts depends on your itinerary and travel plans. Whether you're exploring busy urban areas, scenic byways, or outdoor destinations, there are suitable options available. Massachusetts offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers, so consider your preferences and needs when selecting a vehicle for your trip.

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Interesting facts about Massachusetts

  • Is home to the oldest church in the USA
  • Boston is the capital and largest city in Massachusetts
  • Logan Internations Airport is the State's major airport
  • There are over 30,000 miles of interstates and highways

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