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Can you rent a Jeep on Nantucket

A question we are often asked and the simple answer is no. However, you most certainly can renta a Jeep from Barnstable Municipal Airport (Hyannis Airport - HYA), the nearest international airport to Nantucket and take the car ferry to the island. When using our search form above, make sure you input HYA as the location to bring up Jep rental availability that you can take to Nantucket. This tiny island, south of the mainland from Cape Cod is best explored from the comfort and capability of a rental Jeep.

If you are planning a trip here in the summer months it pays to book early as demand is always high and supply limited. Nantucket's population explodes by around 50,000 in the summer months and tourists flock here to enjoy its high end shopping and cobbled streets.

Jeep rental Nantucket

Jeep Rental Nantucket

Whether you are looking for the classic Jeep Wrangler rental in Nantucket, happy to settle for the budget friendly Compass or enjoy the luxuries of the Grand Cherokee, renting a Jeep in Nantucket is a great option to explore every corner of this beautiful island to the maximum. Search and compare Nantucket Jeep rentals from all of the leading and trusted rentals agents on the mainland and pre-book your car ferry in advance.

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