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Automatic Car Rental in Ireland

Automatic rental cars in Dublin have always been in high demand thanks to the large number of American visitors to Ireland. With the majority of domestic cars in the USA being automatic, many US renters in Dublin demand an automatic rental in Dublin. As demand is strong year round, we have a wide range of automatic rental cars in Dublin to ensure that you won't be left with a stick shift when you just want to sit back and relax in a automatic.


Automatic rental car pick up locations in Ireland

  • Cork Airport, Arrivals Hall, Cork Airport, Cork, T12 W7WR
  • Dublin Airport, Arrivals Hall, Dublin Airport, Dublin, K67 T1H9
  • Kerry Airport, Arrivals Hall, Kerry Airport, Kerry, V93 NXY3
  • Shannon Airport, Arrivals Hall, Shannon Airport, Shannon Co Clare, V14 R229
  • Ireland West Airport, Arrivals Hall, Ireland West Airport Knock, Mayo, F12 R3W7
  • Dublin City Centre, 39 Old Kilmainham Rd, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, D08 H79E
automatic car rental Ireland

Automatic or Manual Gearbox

Most rentals cars in Ireland come equipped with a manual gear shift. All car rental agents will offer a limited range of cars fitted with automatic gearboxes which are always popular with US visitors. If you are interested in renting an automatic car it's adviseable to book in advance as the number of rental cars are limited. Approximately only 10% of rental cars in Ireland are automatics and command a small premium over their manual equivalents.

Automatic Car Rental in Ireland - Popular Makes and Models

By working with all of the leading automatic car rental agents in Ireland we are able to bring the widest range of make and models to you at the most competitive prices. From compact class cars like the VW Golf Automatic to larger MPV and SUV automatic models we are sure to find the perfect automatic rental car to suit every need.
  • VW Golf Automatic
  • Audi A4 Automatic
  • VW Touran Automatic
  • BMW 3 Series Automatic
  • Mercedes Benz Vito Automatic
automatic car rental

Best Deals on Automatic Car Hire in Ireland

If you're not confident to drive in Ireland, renting an automatic could be the ideal solution. One less thing to worry about if driving in the left hand side of the road isn't the norm for you, or perhaps you only drive an automatic car at home and haven't driven a manual since passing your test.

Automatic car rental in Ireland doesn't have to break the bank, search and compare deals today to find the cheapest option.