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Automatic Car Rental in Dublin with Rhinocarhire

Automatic rental cars in Dublin have gained immense popularity, largely due to the influx of American visitors to Ireland. Given that most cars in the USA are automatic, many travelers from there prefer the same driving experience when in Dublin. Recognizing this consistent demand, we offer an extensive selection of automatic rental cars in Dublin. This ensures that you won't be faced with the challenge of a manual transmission when you're looking for a more laid-back driving experience. The benefits of choosing an automatic include:

  1. Ease of Use: Especially for those unaccustomed to manual transmissions, automatic cars offer a straightforward driving experience.
  2. Smooth Driving: Automatic transmissions tend to provide smoother transitions between gears, making for a more comfortable ride.
  3. Less Driver Fatigue: Without the need to constantly manage gear shifts, drivers can focus more on the road and experience less fatigue, especially in city traffic.
  4. Ideal for Traffic: Dublin, being a bustling city, can have its share of traffic jams. In such situations, automatic cars are more convenient as they eliminate the constant need to shift gears.
  5. Consistency: With automatics, there's a consistent driving feel which can be especially comforting for tourists who are already navigating unfamiliar roads.
  6. Safety: For those not proficient with stick shifts, automatics can reduce the risk of stalling in critical situations.

So, when in Dublin, allow yourself the convenience and comfort of an automatic rental, and enjoy a seamless drive through the beautiful landscapes and cityscapes of Ireland.

most popular automatic car rental agents in Dublin

We still recommend you book early to get the best rates and the best choice as the cheaper models do tend to sell out quickly. If that's the case, you may end up paying a little more, but likely to end up in a premium or luxuty automatic rental car in Dublin, which aside from costing a little extra, is no bad thing!

automatic car rental Dublin

Dublin Airport Automatic Car Rental

Dublin Airport is Irelands busiest airport by a country mile, it's the major international airport serving the emerald isle so it's no suprise that the automatic rental cars at Dublin airport are plentiful in supply. All of the rental agents are based a short hop from the arrival hall, so whether you process your paperwork in terminal, or head straight to the rental offces on the free shuttle, prebooking your automatic rental car not only guarantees that you'll get an automatic car on arrival, but that you've got the best deal also. Due to relatively limited supply of automatic rental cars in Dublin compared to manual cars, we suggest booking as far in advance as possible. If you're hiring a car in Ireland and need an automatic, you're in safe hands.

Automatic Car Rental in Dublin- Popular Makes and Models

If you're used to driving an automatic transmisson rental car at home, it makes sense to rent an automatic in Dublin to help you feel at home. Our range of automatics to rent in Dublin is the widest available, meaning you can get behind the wheel, belt up, put the car in drive and be on your way without any need to get used to 3 pedals and a shift stick on the other side of the car.

You won't find mini / economy class cars with automatic gearboxes, so whilst you'll most likely pay more for an automatic rental car in Dublin, it'll be a couple of classes above a base rental so you can enjoy a few extra luxuries. Our most popular automatic rental cars in Dublin include;
  • VW Golf Automatic
  • Audi A4 Automatic
  • VW Touran Automatic
  • BMW 3 Series Automatic
  • Mercedes Benz Vito Automatic
automatic car rental

Best Deals on Automatic Car Hire in Dublin

Book early for the cheapest automatic car rental Dublin has to offer.