Rent a 4x4 in Australia

Increasingly popular, 4x4 rental in Australia is proving to be one of our most common model types when renting in Australia. Whether domestic rentals, or vistors from further afield, hiring a 4x4 in Australia brings practicality, safety and value to the table when chosing which rental is right for you. Where once renting a 4x4 was for very specific requirements, the ever increasing popularity of the SUV all over the globe has led to a hige number of new models being introduced to the sector, many at price points to rival the humble hatchback. As these models, like the Nissan Qashqai and Ford EcoSport have made their way onto rental fleets, competition in the market has incraesed dramatically, keeping prices in check and driving them lower. That results in great value 4x4 rentals in Australia for the customer, so whether you need a small SUV or a 7 seater, AWD 4x4 rental in Australia, you're in safe hands.

4x4 rental Australia

Australia 4x4 Rentals

You'll not find a wider range of models or suppliers than here at Rhino. We've been working with the leading rental agents in Australia for over a decade and in that time we've learnt exactly what our customers expect and with that knowledge and experience, we've worked with our suppleirs to deliver the best range of 4x4 rentals Australia has to offer. You won't find a broader selection of 4x4, SUV or pick up rentals in Australia than here with Rhino. No matter your needs, or budget, let Rhino source the perfet 4x4 rental in Australia to suit you.
Australia SUV Rental Models
Australia 4x4 Rental Models
Hyundai Tucson
Mitsubishi Pajero
Mitsubishi ASX
Toyota Highlander
Ford EcoSport
Mitsubishi Outlander
Nissan Qashqai
Toyota Land Cruiser
Nissan X-Trail
Subaru Forester
Toyota Kluger
Nissan Pathfinder
*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for todays best prices.

Where in Australia can I rent a 4x4?

Thanks to our extensive network of rental suppliers, we can arrange 4x4 rentals in Australia from virtually anywhere. Whether city centre, or airport, downtown or train station, if there is a 4x4 rental available in Australia, we can source it for you at the best possible price. Our most popular locations for renting a 4x4 in Australia are;
4x4 Rental Airlie Beach
4x4 Rental Canberra
4x4 Rental Gold Coast
4x4 Rental Albury Airport
4x4 Rental Canberra Airport
4x4 Rental Gold Coast Airport
4x4 Rental Alice Springs Airport
4x4 Rental Townsville Airport
4x4 Rental Hobart
4x4 Rental Alice Springs
4x4 Rental Newcastle Williamstown Airport
4x4 Rental Mackay
4x4 Rental Avalon Airport
4x4 Rental Newcastle (NSW)
4x4 Rental Mackay Airport
4x4 Rental Ayers Rock Airport
4x4 Rental Maroochydore Airport
4x4 Rental Perth
4x4 Rental Broome
4x4 Rental Coffs Harbour
4x4 Rental Proserpine Airport
4x4 Rental Broome Airport
4x4 Rental Coffs Harbour Airport
4x4 Rental Perth Airport
4x4 Rental Bundaberg Airport
4x4 Rental Darwin
4x4 Rental Ballina Airport
4x4 Rental Cairns
4x4 Rental Darwin Airport
4x4 Rental Rockhampton Airport
4x4 Rental Cairns Airport
4x4 Rental Geelong
4x4 Rental St Kilda

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SUV Rentals in Australia

If you don't need all the bells and whistles of a true 4x4 rental in Australia but like the idea of the higher driving position and extra ground clearance then renting an SUV in Australia should suit you well. Not to mention the value for money, Australia SUV rentals are invariable considerably cheaper than a 4WD vehcile.

Pickup Rentals in Australia

It it's ultimate utility and practiality you are after and more intersted in moving stuff rather than people around, renting a pickup in Australia provides the perfect option. We have double cab rentals in Australia seating 5 adults plus exceptional load capacity, or single cabs for getting around, the choice if yours and the best prices are ours.

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