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Rent a 4x4 in Melbourne

Hiring a 4x4 in Melbourne with Rhinocarhire offers a unique set of advantages for travelers looking to explore the diverse landscapes of Victoria, Australia. With a robust 4x4, you have the freedom to navigate both the bustling city streets of Melbourne and the rugged terrains that lie beyond, such as the Great Ocean Road or the Grampians National Park. These vehicles provide enhanced safety and comfort, especially on uneven or off-road tracks, making them ideal for adventure seekers. Additionally, the extra space and power of a 4x4 ensure a comfortable journey whether you're on a family trip, a group adventure, or carrying sports equipment. Rhinocarhire’s 4x4 range in Melbourne also offers a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets, all equipped with modern features to enhance your driving experience. With the versatility, reliability, and capability of a 4x4 from Rhinocarhire, you can confidently embark on an exhilarating exploration of Melbourne and its stunning surroundings.
Australia's second city, Melbourne boasts a huge variety and fleet of 4x4 rentals ensuring there is something to suit every need and budget. Whether you want to rent a 4x4 in Melbourne to satisfy your adventurous side and see more of what's on offer both within and beyond the confines of the city, or you're just looking to rent a 4x4 in Melbourne to match what you drive at home, we have the widest range of 4x4 and SUV's to rent in Melbourne.

We can find the perfect match to meet your budget and specification needs. Whether you want a rental budget 4x4 in Melbourne such as the Nissan Qashqai or Mitsubishi SUV, or you're taking off road and 4WD capabilities seriously and require something such as the Mitsubishi Outlander or Toyota Land Cruiser, whatever your needs you won't find a better deal on 4x4 rental in Melbourne than here with Rhino. Put us to the test and if you do find the same deal at a better price anywhere else, we'll beat it right here and right now.

4x4 rental Melbourne

Melbourne Airport 4x4 Rentals

Our 4x4 rentals in Melbourne  are available across the city from various downtown locations, however the most popular pick up and return location in Melbourne is of course the airport. Australias's 2nd busiest airport, Melbourne  is the hub to the South coast and Victoria serving over 37 million passengers in 2018 alone. Many of whom renting vehicles and an increasing percentage opting for a 4x4 and SUV's. Our most popular makes and models include the following, all available at the very best prices anywhere in Melbourne.

  • Mitsubishi ASX
  • Nissan Qashqai
  • Ford EcoSport
  • Mitsubishi Outlander
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Toyota Kluger

The rise in popularity of 4x4 rental in Melbourne shows no sign of slowing down either, as global sales of 4x4 and SUV's sets new records every year, rental fleets are keeping pace with this vehicle type. Now accounting for nearly 20% of all rental vehicles in Melbourne . It's no wonder either as they offer excellent value for money when you consider the extra space, specification and capability of a 4x4 rental in Melbourne, compare that to a regular / economy class car and you're paying a little extra for a whole lot more.

Get a quote today for 4x4 rental in Melbourne and see what you can save when you book direct with Rhino and see where else in Australia we can arrange great value 4x4 rentals (get more info here).

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