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Funny Place Names UK - 5 Rude Road Signs

twatt funny road sign

Twatt, most commonly said as an English expletive, is in fact an area in the Shetland Islands of Scotland. Due to its more common derivative, the name draws laughs from many living outside of its parish. However for those interested in the history behind the name, Twatt actually derives from an Old Norse word meaning ‘small parcel of land’. Why not visit Twatt for yourself? Surely a selfie next to the road sign is required!

dull funny road sign

The village of Dull can be found in the county of Perth and Kinross in Scotland. What makes this village name even more striking is that, since 2012 the village has been paired with Boring an area in Oregon in the USA. I couldn’t help but be amused at the thought of attending the Dull and Boring celebrations, which are held on the 9th August each year. I may even consider joining The Boring Community Planning Organisation…what could be more fun?

bitchfield funny road sign

Next we move to Lincolnshire, in England. Bitchfield is a small village not far from the better-known town of Grantham. Bitchfield is home to a parish Church and two groups of buildings connected by Dark Lane. Unfortunately this delightfully named village really doesn’t have much more to offer. But don’t despair drive a few miles away and you’ll encounter Aslackby – not sure that’s an improvement.

tiddleywink funny road sign

The affectionate sounding Tiddleywink, is a small hamlet made up of just eight cottages and can be found a short drive from Chippenham in Wiltshire, England. Folklore states that historically, one of the cottages used to serve beer to passing cattle drovers and as such the hamlet was named from the cockney rhyming slang for ‘a quick drink’, Tiddleywink.

cocks funny road sign

Located just off the tourist trail of the South West of England is the village of Cocks. Cocks can be found approximately 7 miles from Newquay and 8 miles from Redruth. Tourists visit both of these destinations year on year and one can’t help but have a childish giggle at the sign for Cocks en-route. Cocks itself is a pretty hamlet which can be reached along Cock Hill.

Phil Partridge
Posted: October 03, 2016 by Phil Partridge
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