November 2017
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Misfuelling a Rental Car – What to do?

Renting a car is commonplace amongst the majority of us, particularly those that travel a lot, either for leisure or business, so driving another vehicle isn’t that uncommon to many of us. Unfortunately misfuelling a car is also rather popular with an estimated 150,000 motorists putting the wrong fuel in their car in 2016 in the UK alone. With an estimated 45 million licence holders in the UK, that’s a remarkable 1 in 300 of us put the wrong fuel in our cars!

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Nearest Petrol Station: Car Hire

When hiring a car, it’s likely that you’ll be required to return he car with a full tank of fuel. The trend of hiring a car and paying for a tank of fuel in advance and returning the car empty is long out of fashion following some poor practises of high fuel costs and admin charges leaving the consumer paying significantly more for their car rental fuel than they otherwise might.

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