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Parkruns in New Zealand - parkrun Car Hire Discount

Wind the clock back just 4 years and there were only 10 parkruns in New Zealand, 8 on the north island and just 2 on the south. As of May 2019 there are 28 with 18 on the north island and 10 on the south. Whether you are spending your visit in Auckland on the north island, where you’ll find no fewer than 4 different parkruns on your doorstep or there are 2 if Wellington is your destination of choice. On the south island, Christchurch has 3 events and Dunedin is host to 1.

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Parkrun in Auckland

There are 3 established parkruns in Auckland with a new event on the horizon (Hobsonville Point). Of the 3 event if you only have time to attend one, our pick would be Cornwall parkrun. Auckland’s ‘central park’ it’s a traditional 3 lap affair starting at the Rotunda and taking in this wonderfully winding, well paved parkrun. The busiest of Auckland’s parkruns with around 300 runners taking part every week. As with all parkruns it’s a run not a race, but if you are feeling racy the course record is help by Jonathan Jackson of Auckland City Athletics Club at a speedy 15:49, with the womens record help by Becky Wade in just 17:44. Western Springs and Barry Curtis are little further out of town offering smaller events, yet still attract around 150 runners each week.

Parkrun in Wellington

If you’re stopping over in Wellington you have the choice of Lower Hutt parkrun, or Porirua, both modest sized event attracting around 150-200 each week. Both ‘out and back’ routes, but if we had to chose one, we’d pay a visit to Lower Hutt, following the bank of the river Hutt, it’s a well organised and generally flat course, ideal for a holiday PB.

Parkrun in Christchurch

If you’re on the south island, whilst fewer events to chose between parkrun is still well represented on New Zealand’s south island. Pegasus to the north of the city and Foster to the west are smaller local events with around 100 runners each week, however if you want to soak up all the atmosphere, it’s Christchurch’s most central event, Hagley parkrun that is the most established and most attended with around 400 attending on a weekly basis. With a course record of just 15:08 set by Michael Kernahan it’s a speedy course, the ladies record held by Angie Petty in just 16:40.

Other parkruns in New Zealand

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South Island
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Cornwall Park
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Greytown Woodside Trail
Hamilton Lake
Hobsonville Point
Kapiti Coast
Lower Hutt
Palmerston North
Western Springs

No matter where in the world you are parkrunning, if you’re a parkrun tourist, here are Rhino (avid parkrunners ourselves) we offer a parkrun car hire discount with up to 10% off any rental when you’re on holiday and taking on a parkrun, simply visit this page to book you car rental for parkrun in New Zealand and feel to share with your parkrun friends!
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Posted: May 13, 2019 by Chloe Demaret
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