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Amusing Airport Codes - Unusual IATA Codes

We've taken the liberty of curating a selection of some of the quirkiest, funniest, and occasionally, the cheekiest airport codes from around the globe. Get ready for a lighthearted journey through the world of aviation humor!

funny rude airport codes IATA

Of course, with so many airports all over the world needing an IATA code, there are inevitably some clashes where the obvious name is taken elsewhere so the IATA had to get creative with some. Whether they have intentionally had a little fun with some funny IATA codes, or it’s all that was left and remotely relevant, you’ll see some funny IATA airport codes on the airport screen or lashed to your luggage on the baggage reclaim. We’ve looked at all of the worlds IATA airport codes to find the best ones…

Funny or Rude IATA Airport Codes

  • FEZ – No, we’re not kidding, Fès–Saïs Airport in Morocco goes by the name FEZ!
  • MAD – The capital of Spain, you’d be MAD to turn down a visit to Madrid…
  • POO – Pocos De Caldas is a regional airport in Brazil, named POO!
  • FUK – Fukuoka Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in Japan, gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘flying FUK
  • PIE – St. Pete-Clearwater International is in Pinellas County, Florida, not famous for its cuisine...
  • COK – Cochin International Airport serves Kochi in India, over 10 million passengers used COK in 2018!
  • NOB – Nosara Airport serves the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, just 15 minutes from Nosara’s beach.
  • BOG – El Dorado International Airport serving Bogota in Colombia, over 31 million passengers used BOG in 2017
  • DIK - Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport is in Dickingson, North Dakota used solely by United Express
  • SOD - Sorocaba Airport serves Sorocaba in Brazil
  • GIT - Geita Airport is in the Mwanza airport in Tanzania on the shores of Lake Victoria
  • BUM – Butler Airport, Missouri, USA
  • DOH – Doha’s new Hamad Airport opened in 2014 to replace Doha Airport in Qatar, DOH, of course it did.
  • FAT – Fresno Yosemite International Airport serves a slim schedule of regional routes to three national parks.
  • LOL – Derby Field Airport, Lovelock in the USA.
  • OMG – Omega Airport, a former military airport near Omega in Namibia, Oh My God indeed!
  • FAB – Farnborough Airport, home of the FAB Farnborough Airshow until 2019 when it was axed.
  • SUX – Sioux Gateway Airport gets its IATA from it’s location 5 miles from Sioux in Iowa.

Funny Flight Routes by IATA

There’s certainly some room to have fun with airport IATA codes, the following routes, albeit hypothetical would likely set the jetlag aside and bring a smile to anyones face…
  • SOD - OFF – Try to book a flight from Sorocaba Airport in Brazil to Offutt Airport Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska and you can imagine the responce…
  • FEZ – HAT – Don’t forget your FEZ, if flying from Fès–Saïs Airport in Morocco to Heathlands Airport in Queensland, Australia.
  • DIK – HED – A genuine possibility for a domestic route from Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Airport to Herendeen Bay in Alaska.
  • FAT – BUM – Another internal flight option might just be possible from Fresno Yosemite Airport to Butler Airport in Missouri.
  • POO – PIE – Choose your In-flight meal carefully if flying from Pocos De Caldas in Brazil to St. Pete-Clearwater International in Florida.
  • MAD – GIT – An unlikely route, you’d be MAD to fly from Madrid to Geita Airport in Tanzania.
Have some fun with hypothetical flight routes using our rude and funny IATA airport codes.
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Last updated: Friday, February 23, 2024
There is actually a regular flight from Fukuoka to Busan in Korea.

I still have the boarding card with FUK-PUS on it....
8/16/2021 11:23:25 PM