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Dutch Toll Roads – A guide to toll roads in The Netherlands

A guide to the toll roads in The Netherlands:

There are two toll-tunnels in The Netherlands: The Kiltunnel and the Westerscheldetunnel. To travel through the Kiltunnel at Dordrecht it costs €2.00 for a car or €1.45 if paying by card. The cost of driving through the Westerscheldetunnel is €5 for cars or €3.80 if you have an electronic tag. If you are driving in larger vehicle, such as a bigger camper van or towing a caravan, the cost rises to €7.45 without a tag.

Are roads subject to tolls in The Netherlands?

All roads are free of charge in The Netherlands, it is just the two tunnels that require drivers to pay a toll.

Kiltunnel and Westerscheldetunnel Cost;
Toll Tunnel
The Kiltunnel
The Westerscheldetunnel
Cash price for car
Card price for car
Price for larger vehicle
Cost with an electronic tag

Map of Toll Roads in the Netherlands
toll roads in the Netherlands

Can I avoid the toll tunnels?

Alternative roads are available, using the A58 and A4 for example would avoid the Westerscheldetunnel, however this would make the journey significantly longer and for their relatively low cost and ease, the use of the toll tunnels is recommended.

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