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The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge: Our journey so far

Visiting The Wild Place on the outskirts of Bristol is a frequent highlight for my children and myself. We love the outdoor space, the innovative and educational learning environment and the possibilities for endless fun that it offers. It was during one such visit that I began to learn about The Wild Place’s appeal to raise money for a giraffe house to be built on the grounds in addition to conserving the giraffe species for generations to come.

Wild Place Project BristolWild Place BristolWild Place Project Bristol Zoo

On my return home I went on to the website and began searching how we as a family could help. This is when I came across the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge. The challenge is to climb up and down all three peaks in 24 hours. This would be unknown territory, having never embarked on a trek of this kind before, however I really liked the sound of it. It would be challenging, and hopefully good fun, whilst raising money for a centre and cause we cared about. Having got my husband on board with the idea to complete the trek, we began discussing the possibilities of getting the family business, Rhino Car Hire, involved. The ‘wild’ link between a rhino and a giraffe was a little tenuous but we thought this was some thing we could make work and in turn help to raise a lot more money for the cause than if we were fundraising on our own.

So negotiations began. My husband arranged a meeting with the marketing manager of the Wild Place Project and Bristol Zoological Society. He shared the idea of working in partnership and sponsoring the challenge. The deal was done and I was delighted when a dedicated fundraising page was set up on Rhinocarhire.com. The idea being that when a booking is made through this page, Rhino donate 10% of the car hire charge to the Giraffe House Appeal.

This was the ideal outcome: I would get to take part in this exciting trek, with my husband and we would hopefully be raising plenty of money for the cause at the same time.

Wildplace 3 Peaks Challenge

It’s now just two weeks until the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge and we’re really excited, although a little anxious too. The walking poles, head torch and lightweight trousers have arrived and we’re making sure we’re fully prepared. The itinerary setting out the day’s events came through the post, detailing the 5.30am start! This has started the butterflies but overall we just can’t wait to do it. I’ll be sure to post an update about how it all went when we’ve finished!

Phil Partridge
Posted: June 28, 2016 by Phil Partridge
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