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Mallorca Toll Roads – A guide to toll roads in Majorca

A guide to the toll roads in Mallorca:

Most of the motorways or autopistas in Spain are toll roads. It is possible to pay for them with cash or credit card. The motorways undoubtedly save time, but if you are not in a hurry and you want to avoid the busy and fairly expensive tolls then try the dual-carriageway roads (autovias) these are prefixed with an E. All E roads are free of charge and have no toll.

Toll roads in Mallorca:

There is just one toll road in Mallorca, the tunnel that runs in the direction of Soller, the Ma-11, The tunnel offers a short route compared to the old road, the Ma-11A and is free of charge.

Driving routes in Mallorca:
If you wish to  hire a car in Mallorca it will open doors to this beautiful island and lead you to places away from the tourist hot spots. The airport is only five miles outside of the town, making it the perfect place to hire a car from. Once you’ve done this head west on the MA 19 ring road. Approximately 20 minutes north of Palma, you will discover the looming Serra Tramuntana. There is the option to either go over this or under it. The quick route is via the toll road, the MA11 through the Soller Tunnel. If you have plenty of time however, then the scenic MA1110 over the hills will probably be more pleasurable. You’ll drive through relaxed hill towns, with options available to stop off for a spot of lunch.

Cost of the toll road:

A trip from Palma airport to Puerto Soller will take one hour and eleven minutes approximately on the old road and just 45 minutes via the tunnel. As of September 2017 the tunnel to and from Soller will be free it’s around 3 kilometres long. 

toll roads in mallorca

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