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Australian Toll Roads - A Guide to Toll Roads in Australia

Toll roads are found in the states of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. They are used as popular routes through the highly visited areas of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. When travelling in and around these cities in your hire car it is important to remember you are responsible for the road toll fees and that failure to pay may result in a fine or an additional fee, including possible administration fees. Fees tend to vary between states.


The toll roads of the eastern states:

Toll Roads in Queensland:
There is an initiative in Queensland aiming to reduce the queuing and stopping at tolls that can often be a source of frustration to drivers. This is known as the ‘GoVia initiative’. The traditional tolls of Queensland have been replaced. There is no longer the option of paying with cash, instead there is a in-vehicle tag or an option to be tolled via video. You will need to sign up for these options on the website: www.govia.co.au/via/home. Passes can be bought at BP garages or other outlets such as Caltex, United and the convenience store, Night Owl.

Toll Roads in New South Wales:
The toll roads are found primarily around the capital of Sydney, similar to those in Queensland many are fully electronic, requiring you to buy a pass or a tag. It is still possible to pay with cash at some of the older toll roads. It is worth visiting the sites: www.roamexpress.com.au and www.tollpay.com.au to purchase a tag as they can then be used on any Australian road. If you are on holiday visiting Sydney the best option is to buy a pass. The registration number of your hire car will then be temporarily recorded and payment deducted at a later date.

Toll Roads in Victoria:
Melbourne is part of the metropolitan area of Victoria and is full of toll roads. A casual day pass is a good option for a one off visit, however there are several other toll methods available to visitors including purchasing an electronic tag, paying at the booth or using the tolling video system. To purchase tags for this area visit www.citylink.com.au

Sample routes and their toll roads:

Melbourne to Sydney

Time: 8 hr 50 minutes
Distance: 878.2 km
Toll Roads used:
  • Route 43 slip road onto Citylink
  • M2 partial toll road
  • M5 partial toll road
  • M1 partial toll road
  • City North toll road

Brisbane to Sydney

Time: 10 hr 19 minutes
Distance: 920.4 km
Toll Roads used:
  • M2 Hills Motorway partial toll road
  • Route 4 partial toll road
  • A4/Bridge/City/Western suburbs toll road
  • Bradford Highway toll road
  • Bridge/Western distributor Freeway toll road
  • City centre toll road.
Toll road fees vary from across states and depend on the size of your vehicle but will loosely range from $4 - $11. Whilst it is recommended that you purchase a tag or a pass before starting your journey, it is worth remembering you are allowed up to 72 hours after travelling on a toll road to purchase a pass.

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