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Bike racks and car hire: What’s the best option?

Your holiday has arrived and you’ve booked your hire car ready for the adventure. However you’re also thinking it would be great to have access to your bike whilst on holiday. Can you attach a bike rack to the roof of your hire car? Will a bike or two fit inside the hire car? Does the car hire company allow you to take bikes in the car? These are questions we’re often asked at Rhino. We want you to get the most out of your hire car so we’ve put together some information to help answer these frequently asked questions.

Can I attach a bike rack to my hire car?
Unfortunately car hire providers do not allow you to attach a bike rack to a hire car. This is due to both health and safety reasons, in addition to the potential for damage to the hire car. Please remember that charges will be applied if the car were to be damaged.

Can I fit a bike in my hire car?
It is possible to fit bikes in a range of hire cars. You’ll just need to think carefully about the type of car you select. For example, if two of you are travelling a compact car, such as a VW Golf or Ford Focus will still be fine. You’ll need to put the back seats down, so make sure you have thought about space for luggage, but if this is not an issue it’s perfectly possible to fit two bikes inside. As you can see there is plenty of room for one bike in a VW Golf and with some careful packing (as not to damage your bike or the car), plenty of room for another here.

bike rack hire car

You may need to remove the front or rear wheel (or both). If you’ve got three potential riders, you’re going to be looking to hire a larger car, preferably an estate, such as a ford Mondeo estate or a BMW 3-series touring. With the back seats folded down you’ll fit 3 bikes in the boot. You'll probably need to fold of the rear seats in either the 2/3 or 50/50 split. For four or more passengers with bikes you’re going to need a minivan or people carrier. Consider the Mercedes Vito or Renault traffic as viable options.

Mountain biking holiday from Geneva Airport
Luckily Geneva airport is very well appointed for hire cars. They are able to provide all of the above options in addition to 9-seater mini buses, well suited for larger groups and mountain bikes. Cars can be collected directly from the airport on either the Swiss or French side making getting from airport to your chosen resort quick and easy.

Chloe Demaret
Posted: July 29, 2016 by Chloe Demaret
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