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Sicilian Toll Roads – Are there toll roads in Sicily?

A guide to the toll roads in Sicily:
The majority of roads in Sicily are toll free but there are two exceptions: the A18 and the A20. Both of these roads have toll booths and are part of the Sicilian freeway.

How do I pay the toll?
On entrance to the freeway you will be given a ticket and the toll will need to be paid for with cash at the toll booth. It is important to look ahead to determine which toll booth you are driving towards as some are reserved for the automatic telepass system. The general advice is to keep to one of the right hand side lanes, as this is where you can pay cash, the left lanes are reserved for the telepass. If it is possible to pay with a credit card a blue sign will direct you to the correct booth. The toll roads are fairly reasonably priced and therefore they are usually worth using.

The toll roads:
Sicilian toll road
Messina – Catania (A18)
Messina – Palermo (A20)
76.8 km
182 km
North Eastern Coast of Sicily
Northern coast of Sicily
Places of interest
Giardini Naxos, Taormina
Toll Price (approx.)
Messina sud – Catania nord €4
Buonfornello – Messina nord €10

Other popular routes and roads in Sicily (free of charge):
  • PalermoCatania (A19)
  • Palermo – Mazara del Vallo (A29)
  • Catania – Syracuse – Gela (links directly with the A18)
Hire cars:
It is worth contacting your rental car company to see if your rental agreement covers the cost of toll charges. Some companies will cover the cost, whereas others require you to pay the charges yourself. Get a quote for car hire in Sicily here.

Additional information:
  • Please also be aware that the speed limit on the freeways is 130km/h depending on the weather conditions.
  • Carry your driving licence with you at all times

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