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Emovis Tag Promo Code

Don’t stop for tolls in France, Spain and Portugal

Whether you are driving your own car or renting a car in Spain, France or Portugal, it’s highly likely that you will encounter some form of toll road on your journey and quite possibly many. You can avoid stopping and paying manually at each toll plaza with an Emovis Tag, a device you place in the car that allows you to use the much faster TAG lanes. All toll fees are automatically billed to your account. No cash, no hassle and no unecessary queing at busy toll plazas! Sounds great doesn't it.

And to make it even more appealing, we have negotiated a customer discount for the Emovis Tag that you can take advantage of right away. When placing your order for an Emovis Tag via Rhino you will save the 10 EUR application fee.

Follow this link for your Emovis Tag Promo Code

*Anyone arriving at the Emovis Tag sign-up form via the above link will get €10 + Local Tax automatically deducted from the application fee. There is no need to enter anything in the promo code box, please leave empty.

Emovis Tag Promo Code

What is Emovis Tag?

An Emovis Tag is a device that you place in the car windscreen allowing you to drive on toll roads in France, Spain and Portugal without paying at the toll plaza. You can use priority tag lanes which often have much shorter queues than cash / card lanes. On approaching the barrier, the tag will be identified and the barrier will automatically lift, often without the need to stop at all. All toll fees are charged to the tag directly and to your account which is paid by a pre-registered card.

How much is an Emovis Tag?

10 EUR
Application fee (+VAT)
Annual account management fee
Monthly active charge (only charged for months when tag is used – capped at 10 EUR per calendar year)
20 EUR
Refundable security deposit
Actual toll cost - no administration charge

*rates are converted to GBP at the average mid market commercial exchange rate for the billing month + 2% +Local Tax foreign exchange finance charge.

Where do I put the Emovis Tag?

The tag must be placed top-centre of the windscreen behind the rear-view mirror so that it can be detected by the transponder at the toll plaza. Most cars have a shaded / mottled area of windscreen behind the rear-view mirror and this is where the tag MUST be placed. This area of glass has no heat reflective / metallic coating that may block the signal from the detection equipment and the tag.

Should the tag not be detected at the plaza, you may hold the tag out of the window, however this should only be done when stationary and right up at the barrier. This method is not recommended, you should revisit your tag placement in accordance with Emovis instructions at your earlier opportunity. You should not have to stop at the barrier and in doing so, vehicles following may not expect you to stop and could potentially cause an accident.

Where do you put Emovis toll tag

Is the Emovis Tag worth it?

Depending on how many tolls roads you envisage using will depend if you feel the benefits are worth the relatively minor cost. The modest one-time 10 EUR application fee in addition to the maximum annual fee of 16 EUR (see table above) is a small price to pay for being able to access the tag lanes on French, Spanish and Portuguese motorways.

During holiday seasons in particular, toll roads can be very busy and queue times can vary from 1-20 minutes at times. If you are using multiple toll roads on your holiday we recommend an Emovis Tag to keep you on the move and spend less time waiting at toll plazas.

What Emovis Tag do I need?

If you’re driving in France alone, you will only need the Liber-t tag. If you are driving in Spain and/or Portugal you will need the VIA-T tag. If you are driving in France AND Spain or Portugal you will need both tags. You should place an order for the Liber-t tag first and request an additional VIA-T tag from your account after. You should swap to the correct tag when changing from France to Spain to ensure the detection equipment is reading the correct tag.
  • France: Liber-t
  • Spain / Portugal: VIA-T
  • France + Spain/Portugal: Liber-t + VIA-T

Can you use Emovis Tag in a rental car?

Yes, the tag can be placed in any car and is simply ‘stuck’ to the inside of the windscreen with self-adhesive pads. Ensure you remove the Emovis Tag from the rental car before you return the car. Whilst it’s not one of the most common items left in a rental car, if you do leave it you will lose your refundable deposit and possible incur toll charges from the next car rental user if you do not notify Emovis.
Phil Partridge
Posted: February 19, 2020 by Phil Partridge
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