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Car Rental The State of Virginia 

Your Complete Guide to Car Hire 

Virginia's Allure Awaits: Journey Through History and Natural Splendor
Virginia, often referred to as the "Mother of Presidents," marries historic landmarks with breathtaking landscapes. From the Jamestown settlements to the Blue Ridge Mountains' scenic vistas, driving through Virginia is a journey through time and beauty. If you're looking to discover this state in all its glory, a rental car is your ticket to freedom.

Why Consider Car Hire in Virginia:

  • Historic Highways: Virginia boasts some of America's most historic sites, and having your own vehicle allows you to hop between them seamlessly.
  • Natural Wonders: From Shenandoah National Park to Virginia Beach, having your own wheels lets you chase the state's natural beauty at your own pace.
  • Wine and Dine: Virginia's wine country beckons. Traverse its vineyards with ease in a private vehicle.

Things to Remember When Renting a Car:

  1. Vehicle for Every Voyage: While a sedan might serve you well in cities like Richmond, consider an SUV for the mountainous terrains of Appalachia.
  2. Insurance Insights: Get acquainted with Virginia's auto insurance regulations. Comprehensive coverage can provide peace of mind during your travels.
  3. Refuel Regularly: Especially when venturing into Virginia's more remote areas, it's wise to top up your tank whenever possible.

Driving Customs in Virginia:

  • Virginia is for Courteous Drivers: Virginians value polite driving. Always yield when necessary, signal in advance, and maintain a safe following distance.
  • Mind Your Speed: Virginia is known for strict enforcement of speed limits. Stick to the posted limits and be particularly cautious in school zones.
  • HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) Lanes: Some highways, especially around Northern Virginia, have HOV lanes. Ensure you meet the passenger requirements before using them.

Must-See Virginia Destinations:

  1. Williamsburg: Dive into colonial history with this preserved 18th-century city.
  2. Shenandoah National Park: With Skyline Drive running its length, this park is a driver's dream, especially in the fall.
  3. Virginia Beach: Enjoy the ocean waves, boardwalk, and fresh seafood.
  4. Mount Vernon: Visit George Washington's historic estate and gardens.

Driving in Varied Virginia Weather:
Virginia experiences four distinct seasons. For winter mountain drives, particularly in western Virginia, an SUV with snow tires is advisable. During the rest of the year, a regular sedan or convertible might be perfect to enjoy the pleasant weather.

Car Hire with Confidence:

  • Wide Range of Cars: Whether you're looking for luxury, economy, or something in between, find the perfect vehicle for your Virginia journey.
  • Clear Pricing: No hidden costs or surprises at checkout. What you see is what you get.
  • Always Here to Help: Dedicated 24/7 customer support ensures your trip remains smooth, from start to end.
  • Pick-Up Points: Convenient locations across Virginia, including major airports and city hubs.

In Summation:
Virginia, with its unique blend of historical sites and diverse landscapes, promises an unforgettable road trip. By opting for a car hire, you can explore the Old Dominion at your leisure. So buckle up and get ready to drive through history, nature, and everything in between in Virginia!

If you are looking to rent a car in Virginia to tour this Eastern US state, then let us take the stress out of finding the best deal. Whether you are looking to collect your car from Richmond Airport to see the state capital or the largest airport in Virginia, Charlottesville, we have the best deals available anywhere online. Get an instant quote today and you will not be disappointed!

Cheapest car hire in Virginia

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Virginia: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • Scenic Drives through Shenandoah Valley: Rent a car and explore the breathtaking beauty of the Shenandoah Valley. Drive along the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park for panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, especially stunning during the fall foliage season. Stop at various overlooks, enjoy hiking trails, and spot local wildlife.

  • Historical Tours of Colonial Williamsburg: Utilize your hire car to step back in time in Colonial Williamsburg, one of America's largest living history museums. Explore historic buildings, watch reenactments, and learn about colonial life in this meticulously preserved area.

  • Virginia Beach and Coastal Adventures: Drive to Virginia Beach to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf along the Atlantic coast. Explore the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, visit the First Landing State Park where the English colonists first landed in 1607, and enjoy fresh seafood at local restaurants.

  • Wine Country Exploration: Virginia is home to more than 300 wineries. Use your rental car to tour the state's beautiful wine regions, including Loudoun County and the Charlottesville area. Enjoy tastings, vineyard tours, and the scenic countryside that each unique wine trail offers.

  • Civil War History and Battlefields: Drive through Virginia’s rich historical landscape to visit significant Civil War sites and battlefields. Explore Manassas (Bull Run), Fredericksburg, and Appomattox Court House, where the Confederacy surrendered, delving into the state’s and nation’s past. Each site offers educational exhibits, guided tours, and historical insights.


Virginia  – Popular Destinations

  • Arlington: Close proximity to Washington, D.C., with notable landmarks like the Pentagon.
  • Alexandria: Historic city with cobblestone streets, waterfront views, and cultural attractions.
  • Richmond: State capital with a rich history, including Civil War sites and museums.
  • Virginia Beach: Coastal city known for its boardwalk, beaches, and outdoor recreation.
  • Norfolk: Port city with a vibrant arts scene, naval history, and waterfront attractions.

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