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Do you want to hire a Mustang in New York?

Heading to New York and want to hire a Mustang? You're in the right place as not only are we Mustang hire specialists here at Rhino, we're also Mustang enthusiasts and take great pleasure, and indeed great interest in arrangint Mustang rental in New York for our customers. Whether you want the Mustang for your entire trip and plan to pick up your rental Mustang from JFK or Newark airport on arrival to New York or just want the car for a few days and need to pick up from downtown, or Manhattan, we work with the leading Mustang rental suppliers in New York to get the best deals. We're not just a comparison site either, the deals we find are not exclusive and not available when booked direct. So if you're in the market to rent a Mustang in New York, look no further than Rhino.

Mustang rental New York

New York Airport Mustang Rental - Convertble or Coupe?

We only supply New York rental Mustangs in Convertible V8 models at present, however this may change as some of our suppliers are offering the new 2.3 EcoBoost model as demand from customers is increasing for this specification as our customers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious.

Mustang Rental New York Airport

We have Mustang's available from JFK, in fact all of our rental agents here have a good sixed fleet of Mustangs so you'll never go without. Of course, you can p]ick up your rental Mustang in New York if you prefer or only need the Mustang for a few days. We can also arrange pick up from Newark Airport.
  • Mustang Rental JFK

Can you guarantee a Mustang in New York?

The simple answer is no, but if you don't get a Mustang in New York we'll refund 10% on your return - see Mustang guarantee terms here.
convertible mustang rental