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Michigan Car Hire - Did You Know?

  • The cult 60s and 70s music label ‘Motown’ grew in Detroit and took its name from ‘Motor Town’
  • Michigan has the second longest coastline in America after Alaska
  • The Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan are considered to be one of the natural wonders of the US
  • In winter, Lake Michigan is used by skaters and cross country skiers when it freezes over.

Michigan Mini Guide

How do I get to Michigan?
The easiest way by far is to fly into Detroit International Airport. Most major airports in Europe have flights with Delta to Detroit including London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt. Travellers wishing to visit Detroit from other European destinations can connect in Europe before flying on to Detroit or by flying into one of the major US airports such as Chicago, New York or Washington and connecting from there. There is little difference in the flight time so decisions are usually made on price or intended stopovers.

What is There to do in Michigan?
Michigan is a state that has something for nearly every traveller. Those that love the water will be surprised to learn that it has thousands of miles of coastline around the Great Lakes accompanied by hundreds of beaches where you can relax, barbecue or fish and they rarely get crowded. Detroit is a wonderful city to visit being the home of Motown music and the American car. Museums to both abound in the city. Detroit has many other great things to see and do including having a meal at the top of the Renaissance Centre, the tallest building in the state. The centre is also the home of General Motors. Detroit in Michigan is America’s original ‘Motor City’. Natural wonders are plentiful in the northern peninsula part of the state with mountains crossed by marked trails with designated camp sites, fast flowing rivers and waterfalls such as Porcupine Falls or the rich forests that clad the mountains.

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In a state which does a lot of its trade across the water of the Great Lakes, Michigan is still a great place to rent a car. Michigan car rental will let you explore the shores of four of the Great Lakes. Alternatively hire a car in Michigan to visit the home of American cars, Detroit. Several other cities of note are also reachable most easily by hiring a car in Michigan including its second city, Grand Rapids.
Car rental in Michigan is good value for money, as you’d expect in a state where the car is king. Rhinocarhire.com Michigan searches the local suppliers for the best value deals so that you don’t need to waste your time looking elsewhere. All our cars come with comprehensive packages making Car Hire Michigan your first stop for a great break in the Motor State.

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