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Car Hire Sawyer International Airport (MI)

Sawyer Airport is otherwise known as Marquette airport and serves the city of Marquette in Michigan, USA.   American Eagle airlines are based at Sawyer Airport and fly to destinations such as Chicago O Hare, Green Bay and Traverse City. We get many requests for car hire at Sawyer/Marquette airport for customers who want to head to the central business district for a meeting. You will find that a rental car is necessary as the airport is located some 17 miles to the south of the city.
We recommend that customers book their rental car early, especially if they plan to travel during the notoriously busy US holiday seasons. Book now for great deals on your next car rental.

Current Rental Rates in Sawyer Airport

Useful to know about Sawyer Airport

  • The largest city in the northern panhandle of Michigan, Marquette is on the shores of Lake Superior
  • Marquette is one of the snowiest locations in the US
  • It’s a major port for the shipping of iron ore
  • Despite being explored by the French in the 17th century, Marquette, the city didn’t start until the mid-19th century when it was called New Worcester
  • As well as an industrial city, its position on Lake Superior means it’s also a popular tourist destination


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Average prices per day in Sawyer Airport

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