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Chicago Airport MPV Rental

Chicago is one of our most popular locations to rent an MPV anywhere in the USA. Many customer arrive into Chicago to take all the city has to offer and then use it as a starting point for their Route 66 adventure. Renting an MPV in Chicago means you can take the whole family, or extended group all in one car with ample space for up to 7 passengers and all their luggage, you'll not need to rent 2 cars if you consider renting an MPV in Chicago. On a cost per head basis when you take into account all of the fees and costs with renting a car, from the base MPV rental cost to additional driver, fuel and even down to parking, it makes sense to book a single car and this where the whole life costs of Chicago MPV rentals offer better value than a regular rental for larget groups on a per head comparison. Our team would gladly assist you looking at the best option should require a high occupancy rental.

mpv rental chicago

7 Seat Rental Chicago

If you're new to renting in the USA or indeed have never driven in the USA, it's probably a wise move to rent something that other users are familiar with. The MPV was born in the USA enabling large families to get around in a vehicle that drives like sedan, but has all the practicalities of a minivan. Our most popular makes and model of 7 seat rentals in Chicago include the Dodge Caravan, a hugely popular choice for domestic rentals and ownership, whilst new models like the Kia Sedona has made a significant rise on both rental fleets and driveways acoss the USA. Unless you have a preference for a specific make and model and happy to just enjoy all the space offering by MPV rental in Chicago, you'll most likely be offered one of the aforemention models, both delivering a great drive.

Chicago Downtown MPV Rentals

Chicago ORD airport is our most popular pick up location with Midway airport coming second, however for those that don't want to pick up their MPV rental from either airports, we have a great variety of pick up and drop off locations to suit your itinerary. Pick from any of the below location to pick up to return your MPV rental in Chicago and we'll let you know if there are any one way fees, or if they are included in the overall rental cost (most common). If they are not, we will specifically identify this as an additional fee at the quote stage.
  • Chicago O`Hare Airport
  • Chicago Midway Airport
  • North Clark Street - 214, North Clark Street, North Loop, Chicago, USA, 60601
  • West Fullerton Avenue - 3255, West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, USA, 60647
  • South Wabash Avenue - 1830, S Wabash Ave, Chicago, USA, 60616
  • North Broadway Street - 3721 North Broadway Street, Lakeview, Chicago, IL, USA,
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MPV Rental Chicago Airport (ORD)

O'Hare International Airport is offical airport name in Chicago and it's one of the busiest in the whole of the United States. For that reason, you'll not be surprised that MPV rental in Chicago Airport is extremely well appointed and even you leave booking until the last minute, such is the supply chain, MPV rental at ORD will always be available. You might get a better rate by booking well in advance, however you'll never be left with a 7 seater rental in Chicago if that is what you need.