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Do you want to hire a Mustang in Kahului?

If you're spending a few days, or a few weeks in Maui, it's likely that you're arriving into Kahului Airport and from here you'll want to rent a car to take advantage of all the island has to offer. So why settle for just any old rental car when the parking lot is jam packed full of rental Mustangs in Kahului. You'll be surprised how affordable they are costing little more than a regular sedan, yet delivering on the promise of the all American muscle car. If you're lucky enough to drive a Mustang back home then you'll certanly want to rent one in Kahului as you'll know from experience, nothing drives quite like a Ford Mustang. Throw in the fact that all of our Kahului Mustang rentals are convertibles and you simply won't find a better rental car anywhere in Kahului.

Mustang rental Kahului

Kahului Mustang Rental - Convertble or Coupe?

All of our Mustangs to rent in Kahului are convertibles, such is demand for a drop top on the island, we don't offer a coupe version of the iconic Mustang. We can arrange for a coupe in another model, but if you're after a Mustang, and let's face it, given the choice, who wouldn't be, it just has to be a convertible. The electric folding hood drops in seconds and then you've got all day to enjoy the sights and sounds of Kahului without the barriers. Of course, enjoying the aural experience offered by a rental Mustang in Kahului is just an added bonus.

Mustang Rental Kahului Airport

5 millions passengers pass through Kahului Airport terminal every year and many of them rent a car. And what other car can you think is better suited to enjoying your Hawaiin holiday than a convertible Mustang rental in Kahului. Nowhere better to enjoy the top down thrills of Ford's most iconic of muscle car. Whether you want the full fat V8 experience or the V6 is plenty dramatic enough for you, we have the best range of Mustang rentals Kahului has to offer, all you need to decide from here is what colour you want! Once you've booked a Mustang convertible rental in Kahului with Rhino, we'll confirm within minutes, you then just arrive at the airport and present your booking voucher to the rental agent who'll take you to the car rental lot where you can chose the colour Mustang that best suits you. There'll certainly be no shortage of bright and loud colours to chose from, such is the colourful Hawaiin way!

Can you guarantee a Mustang in Kahului?

The simple answer is no, but if you don't get a Mustang in Kahului we'll refund 10% on your return - see Mustang guarantee terms here.
convertible mustang rental

Convertible Car Rental Kahului