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Hawaii Car Hire - Did You Know?

  • Hawaii is one of the most geologically active places on earth
  • Pearl Harbour, the scene of the infamous Japanese attack that brought the US into WWII, is in Hawaii
  • 80% of Hawaiians live on just one of the nineteen main islands, Oahu
  • Honolulu is the capital and by far the biggest city
  • The first European to see the islands was Captain Cook in 1778

A Mini Guide to Hawaii

How do I get to Hawaii?
Hawaii is over 2,000 miles away from the US mainland and is just as easily accessed from the countries on the western rim of the Pacific. Most people fly to the holiday destination from the main airports of mainland USA and in particular the western airports. California is the closest state to Hawaii and has the shortest flight time. Travellers from Europe will have to travel to a connecting airport in the States to get to Hawaii. Once there, you’ll find you’ll need to hire a car to get around the main island, Oahu, whilst island hopper planes or boats can take you to some of the neighbouring islands. Don’t forget to allow for the fact that some of the islands are several hours apart. 

What is There to See in Hawaii?
If you want to spend time in a city with all the amenities it can offer then Honolulu is your only choice in Hawaii. Whilst big, it still has a laid back island feel to it despite being the centre of the Pacific’s financial industry.  Elsewhere the actual island of Hawaii, often called ‘Big Island’ to distinguish it from the group, has the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, home to Mauna Loa, one of the most active volcanoes on earth. You really do get a sense of the earth’s power near the crater.  Back on Oahu, you’ll find Pearl Harbour, still an operational US Navy Base but with a poignant museum and memorial to the men that died in the Japanese attack in 1941.

Other Car Hire Locations in Hawaii

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Despite being a group of islands, hiring a car in Hawaii brings great benefits. Whilst getting around the city of Honolulu is easiest by public transport, a Hawaiian hire car will enable you to visit the towns and villages that those without a hire car wouldn’t see. Hiring a car in Hawaii is easy, especially if you’ve pre-booked it online and the country’s wonderful climate may make a convertible a good choice.
Rhino have several locations for collecting a hire car in Hawaii so you’ll never be far from your own transport. A good idea is to arrange hire at Hawaii’s main airport, Honolulu, for touring Oahu then hand it back in if you’re island hopping, picking up a new rental on each island.

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