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Car Hire Mexico City Helpful Information

Driving in Mexico City can be a unique experience due to its size, traffic congestion, and diverse road conditions. Here's some information about driving in Mexico City, main routes, proximity to the city center, nearby resorts, safety considerations, and road signs:

Main Routes:

Mexico City International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez, MEX): The airport is located in eastern Mexico City, approximately 5 kilometers (about 3.1 miles) from the city center. Major roads, including the Viaducto Miguel Alemán and Circuito Interior, provide access to the airport.

Periférico: Periférico, officially known as Anillo Periférico, is a ring road that encircles the city. It's one of the main routes for navigating Mexico City and connecting to various neighborhoods and destinations.

Paseo de la Reforma: Paseo de la Reforma is one of the city's iconic avenues and serves as a major north-south route through the city. It passes through several important landmarks and neighborhoods.

Insurgentes: Avenida de los Insurgentes is another major north-south avenue, known for its length and importance in the city's transportation system.

Nearest Resorts/Places of Interest:

Mexico City is a bustling metropolis known for its rich history, culture, and attractions. While the city itself is not a resort destination, it offers numerous places of interest, including historic sites, museums, markets, and vibrant neighborhoods. Some popular places to visit in and around Mexico City include:

Zócalo: Mexico City's historic main square, surrounded by historic buildings, including the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace.

Chapultepec Park: One of the largest city parks in the world, home to museums, a zoo, and the iconic Chapultepec Castle.

Xochimilco: Known for its canals, colorful boats (trajineras), and floating gardens, Xochimilco is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Coyoacán: A charming neighborhood with a bohemian atmosphere, home to the Frida Kahlo Museum (Casa Azul) and the historic center.

Safety Considerations:

While driving in Mexico City is possible, it's important to be aware of safety concerns. Mexico City has a reputation for traffic congestion, aggressive driving, and sometimes chaotic road conditions. Be cautious when navigating through the city, and consider using a GPS or a navigation app to help you find your way. Always secure your vehicle, avoid leaving valuables in plain sight, and park in well-lit, secure areas.

Road Signs:

Road signs in Mexico City are typically in Spanish. However, many major signs also include international symbols and are relatively easy to understand. Familiarize yourself with common road signs, especially those related to speed limits, intersections, and safety instructions.  Pay attention to highway signs when traveling to nearby destinations outside the city, as these signs will provide directions and distances to specific locations.

In summary, driving in Mexico City can be challenging due to traffic congestion and local driving habits. It's essential to drive defensively, follow local traffic regulations, and exercise caution. While the city itself is not a resort destination, it offers a wide range of cultural and historical attractions to explore. 

Current Rental Rates in Mexico City

Nissan March

5 Adults, 3 Doors

From 23.16 EUR/day
Nissan March

7 Days rental at 162.17 EUR from 22/04/2024

  2 |
  Manual |

Chevrolet Aveo

5 Adults, 4 Doors

From 23.70 EUR/day
Chevrolet Aveo

7 Days rental at 165.94 EUR from 22/04/2024

  3 |
  Manual |

Nissan March

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 25.82 EUR/day
Nissan March

7 Days rental at 180.77 EUR from 22/04/2024

  1 |
  Automatic |

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Mexico City: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • Mexico City is the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere.
  • It’s one of the world’s highest capital cities at 7,350 feet.
  • The eighth wealthiest city in the world, you can see signs of its opulence in the buildings of the modern city.
  • It’s one of the most important financial centres in the Americas.
  • The city was originally built on the island called Texcoco.


Mexico City - Popular Destinations

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No.3: AVIS,
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Mexico City car hire information

  • 8.8/10
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    National EMEA Franchise
  • € 162.12
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    (per week)
  • € 23.16
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  • 29
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    Most popular model:
    Chevrolet Aveo
  • 96
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Average prices per day in Mexico City

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October€ 53
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December€ 60
January€ 150
February€ 139
March€ 128
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May€ 130
June€ 137
July€ 212
August€ 175
September€ 145
October€ 136
November€ 164
December€ 210
January€ 60
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June€ 54
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January€ 290
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November€ 225
December€ 305
January€ 47
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December€ 51
January€ 72
February€ 68
March€ 72
April€ 63
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June€ 59
July€ 88
August€ 73
September€ 74
October€ 83
November€ 79
December€ 96
January€ 88
February€ 80
March€ 74
April€ 85
May€ 79
June€ 79
July€ 94
August€ 97
September€ 75
October€ 86
November€ 89
December€ 106

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