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Rent a 4x4 at Amman Airport

There's never been a better time to rent a 4x4 in Amman, demand for SUV rentals in Amman has outstripped any other vehicle category and it's been that way for years. The rental agents offering 4x4 rentals in Amman have ensured that their fleets reflect this demand and you'll be impressed with the range on offer. Whatever your reason for searching for 4x4 rental in Amman, you'll find what you're looking for right here at Rhino. Whether you just want to enjoy the confort and style of an SUV rental in Amman, or you need a genuine all terrain rental vehicle to get you safely from A-B (wherever B might be and whatver terrain might lie in your way), our range of 4x4 rentals in Amman offers something for everyone at a pricepoint to suit any budget.

4x4 rental Amman

4 Wheel Drive Rental Amman

You might think that renting a 4x4 in Amman might be out of reach, however due to the popularity of the vehicle type, supply is plentiful and the range of 4x4 rentals Amman is very wide. From budget models like the Chevrolet Trax and Dacia Duster (Renault) offering extry level access to 4x4 rentals in Amman for little more than a comparable sized compact car, right through to our range topping models like the Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Fortuner, both capable of transporting 7 passengers and the most demanding of terrain. Simply put, if you're in need of a 4x4 rental in Amman, you won't find a wider range of 4x4's at better prices anywhere else;
  • Chevrolet Trax
  • Renault Duster
  • Kia Sportage
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Toyota Fortuner

4x4 Rental Queen Alia Airport

4x4 rentals at Queen Alia Airport account for over 90% of all the Amman 4x4 rentals we arrange. Little surprise then that our most trusted rental agents are all based at this facility. Handling over 8 million passengers in 2018, the demand of vehicle hire is strong. You'll find the rental desk easily reachable from the arrivals hall where the rental agents will efficiently process your paperwork to get you on the road in your Queen Alia 4x4 rental with minimal fuss. Make the best start to your journey in Jordan when you rent a 4x4 from Queen Alia Airport.

Other Car Hire Locations in Jordan

We specialise in car rentals throughout Jordan to find you the best price and that's a promise...

4x4 rental

4x4 Rental AMM

If you're not picking up your 4x4 rental from Oman airport, then you might consider collecting (or returning if you only need a one way rental) from any of our conveniently located downtown locations. We have access to 4x4 rentals in downtown Amman from the following locations;
  • Park Plaza, Amman, Jordan
  • Al Qasr Metropole Hotel
  • Abdali
  • Kempinski Hotel
  • Amman Intercontinental Hotel
  • King Hussein Bridge
  • Al-Bayader