Flagstaff Airport (FLG)
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Flagstaff Airport Car Hire - Did You Know?

  • There are only two commercial airlines operating at Flagstaff Airport as most of the traffic is small planes.
  • That includes helicopters, air taxis and military planes.
  • The Grand Canyon Park contains the land of four different Native American nations.
  • In total there are more than 7,000 square miles which have been designated as Native American Reserve Land.
  • From Flagstaff Airport you can travel with US Airways Express to Phoenix and Great Lakes Airlines to Los Angeles.

Flagstaff Airport Mini Guide

Why is Flagstaff so Popular?
Flagstaff isn’t popular for the attractions of the city itself but for its proximity to some of nature’s most spectacular attractions including the iconic Grand Canyon, part of the world’s longest valley carved by a river. There’s also the spectacular Meteor Crater, named not after the meteor that created the crater but after the nearby town of Meteor! There’s also the lesser known Oak Creek Canyon and rather bizarrely in this region thought of as dry and hot, there’s the Arizona Snowbowl, a winter ski resort having the steepest drop of any US slope, other easier runs and accompanying accommodation and facilities. For the really energetic, there’s the near 13,000ft mountain of Humphrey’s Peak, a mere ten miles from Flagstaff.

Flagstaff Airport

How do I get to Flagstaff?
US Airways operate the sole commercial flight in and out of Flagstaff from Denver. Anyone from anywhere else in the world would have to connect into Denver before continuing to Flagstaff. Last year over 50,000 people took that route for visiting the sights around Flagstaff. The airport is very small as it only has to handle the one flight per day plus some general aviation. Even so, it has a good range of services including airport information, a tourist information desk for advice on things to do and places to stay in and around Flagstaff.

There’s a great little café called Blue Moon which does delicious home cooked food and for a small airport surprisingly there’s free Wi-Fi across the airport. Car hire is available and is probably the most effective means of onward transport as buses and taxis are few and far between. There are no airport shops but the café sells newspapers and some travel accessories. If you’re being collected from the airport then those picking you up will be entitled to free parking there too!

Driving in Flagstaff Airport - Need to know

  • R

    Road Driving Side

  • 40-120kph

    Urban speed Limit

  • 72-120kph

    Rural Speed Limit

  • 97-129kph

    Motorway Speed Limit

  • USD  0.75/Ltr

    Current Petrol Price

  • 0-50mg

    Drink Drive Limit

  • USD $


  • 21

    Min Rental Age

    Min Driving Age

  • YES


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Flagstaff Airport (FLG) is also known as the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport. Most of our car hire in Flagstaff Airport customers head there to see the incredible Grand Canyon National Park. The mighty Grand Canyon which was carved thousands of years ago by the Colorado River is certainly one of the natural wonders of the world.

To make the experience even more awe inspiring for visitors a glass walkway was constructed above the Canyon so that you can step out over the abyss. This is also an educational place to learn about the Hopi, Navajo and other Native American tribes.

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