Daily Car Hire Rates in Odense

  • Mini

    Volkswagen Up
    4 |
    1 |
    3 |
    manual auto
    From € 18.61
  • Economy

    Volkswagen Polo
    5 |
    2 |
    3 |
    manual auto
    From € 19.47
  • Compact

    Volkswagen Golf
    5 |
    3 |
    5 |
    manual auto
    From € 21.92
  • Standard

    Renault Captur
    5 |
    4 |
    4 |
    manual auto
    From € 22.81
  • Estate

    Ford Focus Estate
    5 |
    5 |
    5 |
    manual auto
    From € 29.51

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Odense Car Hire - Did You Know?

  • Until 1970 Odense was the seat of Odense County.
  • Rosengardcentret shopping mall was set up in 1971 and it now contains 153 shops.
  • In 2007 Odense became part of the Region of Southern Denmark.
  • The University of Southern Denmark has its main campus in Odense.
  • There are eight different gyms in Odense.

Nearest Petrol Stations to Odense

See the nearest petrol stations to Odense below, we recommend you plan head before you return the car to Odense to avoid any Refueling fees.

Odense Mini Guide

Odense is a beautiful and inspirational part of Denmark which is where writer Hans Christian Anderson grew up. This city is named after the Norse god Odin, so it is no wonder that the traditions of mythology and fairytale live on there.

Odense is one of the oldest cities of Denmark and is over 1,000 years old. That makes Odense a rich and fascinating place for people who are interested in Danish history to live. But Odense also remains important within Denmark as it is the third largest city in this Scandinavian country.

Odense city

It is located on Funen Island, nevertheless you will find a hire car to be an invaluable way of getting around, particularly in the cold winter months. More than one hundred and fifty thousand people live there and it is the seat of Odense Municipality.

In the 18th century the assembly of Funen used to meet in Odense. It also has much religious significance having been the site of the Roman Catholic bishopric of Odense.

In terms of landmarks you can see the Cathedral of Saint Canute which drew pilgrims from far and wide to see it all throughout the Middle Ages.

Odense Cathedral of Saint Canute

However the most famous landmark is the Odin Tower which was constructed in 1935. Known as Odinstarnet, this had been the second tallest tower in Europe before it was blown up by a Danish Nazi group in 1944. A smaller commemorative tower was built in the park nearby to mark this unfortunate incident.

Latest Update from Odense:

20/05/12 - Many people think of Copenhagen as the city of Hans Christian Andersen but Odense was his home and it's there, in a celebration of childhood, the first Hans Christian Andersen City Games will be held this summer from the 7th to the 13th July.

Driving in Odense

  • R

    Road Driving Side

  • 50kph

    Urban speed Limit

  • 80kph

    Rural Speed Limit

  • 110-130kph

    Motorway Speed Limit

  • 50mg

    Drink Drive Limit

  • DKK


  • 21

    Min Rental Age

  • YES


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Located on Fumen Island, Odense is one of the main cities of Denmark. More than one hundred and sixty seven thousand people live there in what is the seat of the Municipality of Odense.  Odense is a large harbour and much of its industry and entertainment is centred around the inner harbour, which has been a mainstay of shipbuilding in Denmark for many years.

With car hire in Odense you can also travel to the Rosengardcentret retail mall which is one of the biggest collections of shopping outlets in Denmark. Make your reservation online today for great results.

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