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Courtesy of the Owners Club's

Whether you need car hire in Switzerland, Spain, France, the UK or USA or indeed anywhere else in the world, trust Rhino to find the best deals with exclusive owners club discounts. Our owners club discount scheme is open to numerous owners club from marquees all over the world. Whatever you daily drive or passion, if you're a member of an owners club then you're welcome here at Rhino. We're car nerds too which helps and like to think we know a thing or 2 about cars which makes us the ideal car rental supplier if you're looking for more than just a great price. Feel free to ask us any questions and we'll do our best to answer, of if you're looking to rent a specific make or model we can help guide you to the most popular in a given rental class at any location in every corner of the world. Our current list of owners clubs registered with Rhino is as follows, however if you've arrive here from another club, you're welcome to share the discount or drop us a note and we'll officially add you to the list;
  • Lexus Owners Club
  • Toyota Owners Club
  • Ford Owners Club
  • Jaguar Owners Club
  • Audi Owners Club
  • Subaru Owners Club
  • Honda Owners Club
  • BMW Owners Club
  • Lotus Owners Club
Extra discount automatically applied to applicable rentals at quote stage – discount only available from booking engine on this page, should you navigate away from this page, please return here to proceed with your booking or you may not receive your discount. Exclusions apply. Please note that discount is not always offered at non airport locations or with certain agents at select locations.

For further support, please contact us at info@rhinocarhire.com or call 0345 508 9845 and quote ‘Owners Club’