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In association with Climb Tafraout

Get a great deal on car hire in Morocco with Rhino in partnership with Climb Tafraout. If you’re visiting the Moroccan Anti-Atlas, Climb Tafraout should be your first port of call or at least have formed part of your research and trip planning. Considered the definitive guide and online resource for climbers, trekkers and adventurers alike heading to jewel of north Africa. Offering route books and travel advice, guide books and hotel bookings, if you want information about the region, you’ll find all there is know in this great online resource. You can even download topographical maps and surveys to help your trip planning. We’ve been offering Climb Tafraout readers access to our partner discount scheme for a number of years and it’s been a very well received addition to their extensive and informative website.
Extra discount automatically applied to applicable rentals at quote stage – discount only available from booking engine on this page, should you navigate away from this page, please return here to proceed with your booking or you may not receive your discount. Exclusions apply. Please note that discount is not always offered at non airport locations or with certain agents at select locations.

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