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Car Hire Blackpool Useful Information

Driving in Blackpool, a popular seaside resort town on the northwest coast of England, offers access to its attractions and the scenic coastal area. Here's some useful information about driving in Blackpool:

Main Motorways:

The M55 motorway is the main route connecting Blackpool to the motorway network. If you're approaching Blackpool from the south, you can access the M55 from the M6 motorway, which runs from the Midlands and further south. If you're coming from the north, the M6 motorway provides access to the M55 via the M6 Junction 32.

Traffic Conditions:

Traffic conditions in Blackpool can vary, especially during the peak tourist season and major events. The town center and seafront areas may experience congestion, so plan your journey accordingly.


Blackpool Promenade is primarily designed for trams and pedestrians, and there are restrictions on vehicle access along certain parts of the promenade. However, there are some areas where you can drive along the promenade, particularly in the northern and southern sections. Here's a general overview:

North Promenade: In the northern part of Blackpool Promenade, there is a dedicated road for vehicles that runs parallel to the tram tracks. This road allows vehicles to travel along the seafront, providing access to various hotels, attractions, and car parks.

Central Promenade: In the central area of Blackpool, the promenade is mainly reserved for trams and pedestrians. Vehicle access is restricted in this section.

South Promenade: The southern part of the promenade also has a dedicated road for vehicles. Similar to the northern section, this road runs alongside the tram tracks and provides vehicle access to accommodations, attractions, and amenities in the area.

While driving along certain sections of Blackpool Promenade is possible, pedestrians and trams are the primary focus in the central area. 

Nearest Towns:

Nearby towns and areas worth exploring include:
Lytham St Annes: Located to the south of Blackpool, this charming coastal town is known for its golf courses, beautiful seafront, and historic architecture.
Fleetwood: To the north of Blackpool, Fleetwood is another coastal town with a bustling harbor, a traditional market, and the Freeport Fleetwood shopping center.
Preston: Located inland to the east, Preston is a larger city with cultural attractions, shopping, and historic sites.

Places of Interest to Drive to:

Blackpool Pleasure Beach: A famous amusement park with thrilling rides and attractions.
Blackpool Tower: An iconic landmark with an observation deck, circus, and ballroom.
Blackpool Illuminations: If visiting during the Illuminations season (usually late summer and early autumn), driving along the Promenade to see the light displays is a must.
Stanley Park: A beautiful park with gardens, boating lake, and sports facilities.
Blackpool Zoo: A family-friendly attraction with a variety of animals and educational exhibits.
Marton Mere Nature Reserve: A tranquil nature reserve with walking trails and birdwatching opportunities.

Current Rental Rates in Blackpool

Volkswagen Golf

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 47.48 EUR/day
Volkswagen Golf

7 Days rental at 332.37 EUR from 11/12/2023

  3 |
  Manual |

Peugeot 3008

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 57.59 EUR/day
Peugeot 3008

7 Days rental at 403.19 EUR from 11/12/2023

  4 |
  Manual |

Hyundai Tucson

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 57.59 EUR/day
Hyundai Tucson

7 Days rental at 403.19 EUR from 11/12/2023

  4 |
  Manual |

Useful to know about Blackpool

  • Blackpool is Britain’s best known holiday resort.
  • It’s home to the iconic Blackpool Tower, Britain’s answer to the Eiffel Tower.
  • The world famous Tower Ballroom is found under the tower.
  • There are miles of sandy beaches here.
  • It’s the only British resort to have three piers.


Popular car hire destinations in Blackpool

Best car rental companies in Blackpool

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19 min (average wait time)
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Blackpool car hire information

  • 8.8/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    Budget EMEA Corporate
  • € 332.36
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 47.48
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 6
    Most Popular Type:
  • 2
    Most popular model:
    Peugeot 3008
  • 10
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day in Blackpool

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January€ 57
February€ 65
March€ 67
April€ 55
May€ 67
June€ 68
July€ 57
August€ 62
September€ 63
October€ 62
November€ 63
December€ 63
January€ 60
February€ 63
March€ 70
April€ 56
May€ 67
June€ 78
July€ 57
August€ 50
September€ 56
October€ 59
November€ 67
December€ 61
January€ 109
February€ 97
March€ 105
April€ 97
May€ 97
June€ 125
July€ 116
August€ 104
September€ 112
October€ 96
November€ 118
December€ 107
January€ 83
February€ 78
March€ 80
April€ 75
May€ 80
June€ 89
July€ 80
August€ 80
September€ 73
October€ 77
November€ 80
December€ 79
January€ 39
February€ 42
March€ 50
April€ 36
May€ 61
June€ 79
July€ 45
August€ 21
September€ 52
October€ 59
November€ 67
December€ 60
January€ 96
February€ 96
March€ 99
April€ 89
May€ 98
June€ 119
July€ 97
August€ 72
September€ 99
October€ 89
November€ 115
December€ 98
August€ 61
September€ 61
October€ 61
November€ 61
December€ 60
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