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Rent a Ford Mustang in Washington D.C

One of the most visited cities in the world, Washington (or often referred to as just D.C.) is the political capital of the USA attracting over 20 million visitors every year. The White House is one of the star attractactions, the home of the president of the USA and the scene of many a dramatic hollywood movie. Renting a Ford Mustang in Washington is a very popular request, particularly for international visitors who want to take in as much of the US culture as possible, including it's most famous muscle car. The latest 6th generation Mustang has witnessed something of a renaissance for the model which has always sold in vast numbers across the USA, in fact in 2018 Ford built it's 10 millionth Mustang! The Mustang's international appeal is however what is attracting such demand for Mustang rental in Washington as the latest generation is the first to be officially exported and is available in right hand drive for the UK market for the first time. This appeal has resulted in huge demand all over the world which has had a knock on effect for Washington Mustang rentals. Now you can rent a Mustang in Washington and if you really like it, you can buy one anywhere in the world!

Mustang hire Washington

Mustang Rental Washington Airport IAD

We arrange more Mustang rentals in Washington Dulles Airport than anywhere else in Washington, however that doesn't mean that you're restricted to renting from the airport. If your travel plans dictate that you need to pick up Washington Mustang rentals somewhere other than the airport, we can arrange this from any of the following locations. Equally, if you need to return your rental Mustang in Washington somewhere other than Dulles Airport, you can pick up from IAD and return downtown.
  • Reagan National Airport
  • Washington DC Dulles Airport
  • L'enfant Plaza
  • Washington - Connecticut Avenue Northwest
  • Washington - Massachusetts Avenue Northeast

Can you guarantee a Mustang in Washington ?

The simple answer is no, but if you don't get a Mustang in Washington we'll refund 10% on your return - see Mustang guarantee terms here.

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convertible mustang rental

Will our Washington Mustang be a convertible?

99% of our rental Mustangs in Washington are convertibles, so unless you specifically don't want to rent a convertible Mustang in Washington then you won't be disappointed!

If you do particularly want to rent a Mustang Coupe in Washington, just ask our team and we'll put  a note on the booking to request a coupe rather than a convertible as all our Washington Mustang rentals are convertible as standard.