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South Carolina Mini Guide

Like its neighbour North Carolina, South Carolina also has borders with the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The seafront area known as the Grand Strand in South Carolina is not only a good place to take a holiday, but many people buy property in this desirable location. 

The southern state of South Carolina is accessible by driving from Charlotte in North Carolina along the Interstate 85, while the interstates 20, 26, 77 and 95 also enter South Carolina. South Carolina is bordered by North Carolina to the north and Georgia to the south and is one of the smaller American states. One of South Carolina’s main airports is at the seaside city of Charleston and this major port welcomes many tourists every year. The state capital of South Carolina is Columbia and car rental Columbia is the best way to see what is the largest of South Carolina's cities.

Whether booking car hire in South Carolina for business or a family vacation, we have the most competitive rates on South Carolina car rental to save you the time searching the market. We have been working with the leading USA car rental agents for over 15 years and in that time we have been able to offer the cheapest car hire in South Carolina available anywhere online.

Cheapest car hire in South Carolina

Interesting facts about South Carolina

  • Is nicknamed the Palmetto State
  • Is the tenth smallest state in the whole of the USA bu area
  • Columbia is both the largest and capital city
  • Unsurprisingly, is bordered by North Carolina to the north
  • Has a number of large lakes that total 683 square miles in total

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