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Nebraska Car Hire - Did You Know?

  • Is the most central state in the USA found on the Great Plains
  • Lincoln is the capital city, whilst Omaha is the largest
  • Panorama Point is the highest peak at 1654m above sea level
  • Located in Tornado Alley, Nebraska is prone to strong thunderstorms

Nebraska Mini Guide

Part of the Great Plains region, Nebraska has a reputation for being flat and uninspiring, but there is plenty of interest in this great state. If you are driving into Nebraska on the interstate 80 which goes from east to west then there isn’t much to see except wide expanses of farmland. It is also possible to enter Nebraska from the state of Colorado and the interstate 76 while other major roads in Nebraska include the US 20, the US 385 and the US 26 from Wyoming.

Car rental Omaha is the best way to get around in Nebraska and Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska and home to one of the state’s main airports. Omaha is certainly a well to do place with the highest number of restaurants per capita and the highest number of millionaires per capita. However, it could be said that a racial divide is somewhat evident in Omaha as it also has the highest amount of African Americans living below the poverty line. Nebraska overall has a large proportion of Hispanics living there.

Flying into Omaha you will arrive at Eppley airport which is served by plenty of airlines including American Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Southwest Airlines. Omaha’s second city is called Lincoln and is the centre of government for the state despite retaining the atmosphere of a small town. The Lincoln Municipal Airport has flights to many destinations including the cities of Chicago, Denver, Memphis and Detroit.

In terms of natural wonders Omaha is home to the biggest group of sand dunes in the western hemisphere and the Sand Hills area stretches over more than 19,000 square metres.  One of the most diverse natural areas to visit though is at Pine Ridge which is part of the Badlands and filled with pine forests, cliffs and interesting geological formations.

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