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Car Rental Tallahassee Airport Useful Guide

Guide to Hiring a Car from Tallahassee International Airport (TLH)

Nestled in the heart of Florida's Panhandle, Tallahassee, the state's capital, marries rich history with a vibrant modern-day culture. Arriving at Tallahassee International Airport (TLH) and contemplating car hire then here is all you need to know.  

Embark on an adventure in the Sunshine State with Rhino Car Hire from Tallahassee Airport. Conveniently located at this bustling airport, Rhino Car Hire offers travelers a convenient way to explore the diverse attractions of Florida's capital city and its surrounding areas. From the historic landmarks of downtown Tallahassee to the pristine beaches of the Gulf Coast, having your own rental car provides the freedom to discover the wonders of this vibrant region at your own pace.

Advantages of Hiring a Car with Rhino Car Hire:

  • Convenience: Pick up your rental car directly at Tallahassee Airport, saving time and hassle.
  • Flexibility: Explore Tallahassee and beyond at your leisure, with the flexibility to create personalized itineraries and visit nearby attractions.
  • Comfort: Choose from a range of vehicles to suit your needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience amidst Florida's warm climate.
  • Local Knowledge: Benefit from Rhino Car Hire's expertise and insider tips to navigate Tallahassee's roads and discover hidden gems along the way.

Booking Early with Rhino Car Hire:

If you are planning a trip to Tallahassee, booking your car hire early with Rhino Car Hire is highly recommended. By reserving your vehicle in advance, you can secure the best rates and availability, ensuring that you have access to the perfect car for your needs upon arrival at Tallahassee Airport. Additionally, booking early provides peace of mind, knowing that your transportation arrangements are taken care of well before your trip. This allows you to focus on planning your itinerary and enjoying the unforgettable experiences that await you in Tallahassee and beyond.

Car Rental Facilities at TLH:

Centralized Location: Car rental counters are strategically positioned on the ground level of the main terminal, making it straightforward for passengers to procure a vehicle post-arrival.

Exiting Tallahassee International Airport:

Primary Exit Route: Capital Circle SW (SR-263) is the main road connecting the airport to the city and other parts of Tallahassee. From there, you can easily access major routes like I-10, Crawfordville Rd, and W Pensacola St.

Tips for Driving in and around Tallahassee Airport:

  • Parking: Downtown Tallahassee and popular tourist sites offer ample parking options, but it’s wise to check parking regulations and fees.
  • Traffic: While Tallahassee is less congested than Florida’s larger cities, rush hours can still get busy, especially near the university campuses and downtown area.
  • Rural Driving: When exploring outside the city, be prepared for rural driving conditions and less frequent gas stations or amenities, especially in areas like the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Stay Updated: Tallahassee, being a political hub, often hosts events, rallies, and legislative sessions. Keeping a pulse on the city's schedule can help in navigating any sudden traffic surges or road closures.
  • Navigation: While Tallahassee boasts a relatively intuitive layout, employing a reliable GPS or navigation app can prove invaluable, especially if you're new to the city or exploring its outskirts.

Renting a car from Tallahassee International Airport empowers you to delve deep into the city's layered history, immerse in its academic ambiance, and venture beyond to the natural wonders of the Panhandle. From strolling around the historic districts to attending a lively event at Florida State University, having your own set of wheels ensures a comprehensive and memorable Tallahassee experience.

Current Rental Rates in Tallahassee Airport

Kia Rio

5 Adults, 4 Doors

From 35.27 EUR/day
Kia Rio

7 Days rental at 246.90 EUR from 23/09/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |

Kia Soul

5 Adults, 4 Doors

From 35.68 EUR/day
Kia Soul

7 Days rental at 249.82 EUR from 23/09/2024

  3 |
  Automatic |

Toyota Corolla

5 Adults, 4 Doors

From 37.40 EUR/day
Toyota Corolla

7 Days rental at 261.83 EUR from 23/09/2024

  4 |
  Automatic |
Renting a car from Tallahassee Airport, located in the capital city of Florida, offers a convenient starting point to explore the city's rich history, lush parks, and vibrant cultural scene. Additionally, it opens up opportunities to discover the scenic beauty of the Florida Panhandle and beyond. Here’s how to make the most of your car hire adventure from Tallahassee Airport:

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Tallahassee Airport: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • Florida State Capitol: A short drive from the airport, the Florida State Capitol complex includes the historic Old Capitol with its iconic red and white facade, as well as the newer tower that offers panoramic views of Tallahassee from its observation deck.

  • Tallahassee Museum: Set on 52 acres, this open-air museum offers a mix of nature trails, Florida wildlife exhibits, and historical buildings, providing insights into the region’s natural and cultural history. It's a great spot for families and anyone interested in learning more about the Panhandle's heritage.

  • Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park: Located about a 20-minute drive from the airport, this park is famous for its ornamental gardens, especially vibrant in spring, and offers recreational activities such as kayaking, hiking, and bird-watching.

  • St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge: About a 30-minute drive south, this refuge spans over 70,000 acres, offering a sanctuary for migratory birds and a plethora of other wildlife. It's also home to the historic St. Marks Lighthouse, which dates back to 1832.

  • Apalachicola: Roughly a 2-hour drive from Tallahassee, Apalachicola is a charming coastal town known for its oyster harvest, maritime history, and antique shops. The drive itself showcases the diverse landscapes of the Florida Panhandle.


Tallahassee Airport - Popular Destinations

  • Florida State Capitol: ~10 km (about 15 minutes by car)
  • Tallahassee Museum: ~15 km (about 20 minutes by car)
  • Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park: ~20 km (about 20 minutes by car)
  • St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge: ~40 km (about 30 minutes by car)
  • Apalachicola: ~130 km (about 2 hours by car)

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Tallahassee Airport car hire information

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Exploring from Tallahassee Airport by rental car offers an enriching way to experience the capital city's educational, historical, and natural attractions, as well as the unique charm of the Florida Panhandle. Whether you're drawn to the allure of state politics, the tranquility of nature reserves, or the warmth of coastal towns, a hire car gives you the freedom to discover the region's treasures at your own pace.

"From Capitol Views to Coastal Vistas — Your Tallahassee Adventure Begins with Car Hire!"

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