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Car Rental from Telluride Regional Airport, Colorado with Rhino Car Hire

Perched high in the San Juan Mountains, Telluride Regional Airport stands as North America's highest commercial airport. Opting to rent a car from Telluride Airport with Rhinocarhire provides a gateway to this enchanting mountain town and the greater wonders of Colorado's vast landscapes.

Start your adventure in the heart of the Colorado Rockies with a rental car from Rhino Car Hire, conveniently available at Telluride Regional Airport. Navigate the breathtaking landscapes, explore the charming town of Telluride, and enjoy unparalleled access to world-class skiing, hiking, and scenic drives.

Advantages of Hiring a Car with Rhino Car Hire

  • Diverse Fleet: Choose from a wide selection of vehicles, from 4WD SUVs perfect for mountain roads to luxury sedans for comfortable cruising through the Rockies.
  • Transparent Pricing: Enjoy straightforward, competitive pricing with no hidden fees. Rhino Car Hire offers a transparent rental experience from start to finish.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Benefit from around-the-clock customer service, ready to assist you anytime during your rental.
  • Convenient Location: Pick up your vehicle directly at Telluride Regional Airport, immediately after landing, making it easy to start your mountain getaway.

Booking Early

Booking your car rental in advance with Rhino Car Hire at Telluride Regional Airport offers several benefits:

  • Best Selection: Early booking secures the perfect vehicle for your travel needs.
  • More Affordable Rates: Take advantage of lower rates available for early bookings.
  • Peace of Mind: Settle your travel arrangements early, leaving more time to plan your visit and explore Telluride and its surroundings.

Exit Roads from Telluride Airport:
Upon departing from Telluride Regional Airport, you'll directly join CO-145, which winds its way down to Telluride town and further connects to the broader highway system of Colorado.

While there are toll roads in Colorado, the immediate area around Telluride is toll-free. If venturing further out, it's advisable to be prepared with a means of payment.

Road Conditions:
Given its mountainous setting, road conditions in and around Telluride can be varied. Major routes are well-tended, but during winter or after storms, certain roads may be challenging.

Telluride, being a popular ski destination, can witness increased traffic during the ski season. Otherwise, it generally offers a relaxed driving experience.

EV Charging:
If you're leaning towards an electric vehicle, rest assured, Telluride and neighboring regions offer a fair number of EV charging stations in line with Colorado's green initiatives.

Weather Choice of Car:
Given its alpine location, it's often wise to consider vehicles with 4WD or added winter features, especially if you're visiting during the colder months or aim to traverse mountain passes.

Optional Extras:
From ski racks to advanced navigation systems, Rhinocarhire offers a variety of add-ons to cater to the unique needs of your Telluride adventure.

Why Hire from Rhinocarhire:
With a sterling reputation for quality service, competitive pricing, and a vast selection of vehicles, Rhinocarhire ensures your Telluride journey is both memorable and hassle-free.

Discover the majestic peaks and valleys of Telluride, Colorado, with the unmatched convenience and service of Rhinocarhire. Your mountain escapade awaits!

Contact Rhino Car Hire

For more information or to book your car:

  • Email: info@rhinocarhire.com
  • Phone: +44(0)345 508 9845
  • Social Media: Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or X for updates and special offers.

Current Rental Rates in Telluride Airport

Chevrolet Spark

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 46.07 EUR/day
Chevrolet Spark

7 Days rental at 322.55 EUR from 17/06/2024

  2 |
  Automatic |

Nissan Versa

5 Adults, 4 Doors

From 46.34 EUR/day
Nissan Versa

7 Days rental at 324.42 EUR from 17/06/2024

  3 |
  Automatic |

Mystery Car Gas, Hybrid or EV

4 Adults, 5 Doors

From 48.71 EUR/day
Mystery Car Gas, Hybrid or EV

7 Days rental at 341.01 EUR from 17/06/2024

  3 |
  Automatic |
Renting a car from Telluride Regional Airport allows you to fully experience the area’s natural beauty and abundant outdoor activities:

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Telluride Airport: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • Scenic Drives: Drive along the San Juan Skyway, one of America's most beautiful roads, offering stunning views of the San Juan Mountains.
  • Ski Resorts: Easily access Telluride Ski Resort and nearby slopes for world-class skiing and snowboarding.
  • Historic Towns: Explore the historic mining town of Telluride itself, with its well-preserved buildings and local boutiques.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Enjoy hiking, biking, and fishing in the summer months with easy access to trails and natural parks.
  • Cultural Events: Participate in internationally renowned events such as the Telluride Film Festival and Telluride Bluegrass Festival.


Telluride Airport - Popular Destinations

  • Downtown Telluride - Just a short drive from the airport
  • Mountain Village - Connected to Telluride by a free gondola, offering upscale dining, shopping, and access to ski slopes.
  • Ridgway - Known for its hot springs and scenic reservoir, perfect for a day trip.
  • Ouray - Often referred to as the "Switzerland of America," known for its hot springs and ice climbing.
  • Silverton - A historic mining town.

Our Most Popular Rated Local Car Rental Suppliers from Telluride Airport

No.1: HERTZ,
based on 2787 reviews
19 min (average wait time)

Telluride Airport car hire information

  • 8.2/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    Hertz US Corporate
  • € 322.49
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 46.07
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 2
    Most Popular Type:
  • 1
    Most popular model:
    Chevrolet Impala
  • 10
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day in Telluride Airport

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January€ 63
February€ 72
March€ 68
April€ 67
May€ 68
June€ 83
July€ 95
August€ 67
September€ 69
October€ 65
November€ 71
December€ 76
January€ 62
February€ 72
March€ 68
April€ 67
May€ 69
June€ 83
July€ 93
August€ 68
September€ 69
October€ 66
November€ 71
December€ 77
January€ 137
February€ 133
March€ 114
April€ 106
May€ 100
June€ 123
July€ 121
August€ 98
September€ 114
October€ 123
November€ 109
December€ 103
January€ 65
February€ 86
March€ 73
April€ 70
May€ 75
June€ 80
July€ 98
August€ 83
September€ 84
October€ 79
November€ 90
December€ 89
January€ 103
February€ 103
March€ 104
April€ 103
May€ 105
June€ 108
July€ 103
August€ 104
September€ 100
October€ 105
November€ 107
December€ 105
January€ 92
February€ 101
March€ 85
April€ 78
May€ 80
June€ 87
July€ 113
August€ 98
September€ 90
October€ 85
November€ 92
December€ 105
January€ 123
February€ 158
March€ 125
April€ 138
May€ 114
June€ 126
July€ 129
August€ 101
September€ 94
October€ 102
November€ 99
December€ 97
*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for today's best prices
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Rental Process at Rhino Car Hire

Renting a car with Rhino Car Hire at Telluride Regional Airport is straightforward:

  1. Booking: Reserve your car online, via email, or by phone. It's recommended to book in advance for the best rates and selection.
  2. Pick-Up: Upon arrival at Telluride Regional Airport, head to the Rhino Car Hire location with your reservation details, a valid driver's license, and a credit card.
  3. Vehicle Inspection: Review the rental agreement and inspect the vehicle with an agent. Any existing damage will be documented.
  4. Enjoy Your Journey: Start exploring Telluride and the surrounding areas at your leisure.
  5. Return: Return the car to the specified Rhino location for a final inspection.
Journey through the Rockies – Book your Telluride airport car rental with Rhino today!

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