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Anchorage Car Hire - Did You Know?

  • Anchorage is the most northerly city in the US and Reykjavik and Murmansk are the only cities which are further north in the world.
  • Along the seacoast of Anchorage there is some very thick mud which is dangerous to walk on as people have become stuck in the past.
  • Because of the geographical position of Anchorage the winter days are very short and the summer days are very long.
  • Alaska has reserves of oil though drilling is a controversial issue given the precious natural habitats.
  • You can get to Anchorage by flying into the Anchorage International Airport which has been operational since 1951.

Anchorage Mini Guide

What Can You Tell me About Anchorage?
Anchorage is the northernmost city in the United States.  It is found in a dramatic setting with wild snowy mountains in the background and the icy North Pacific waters lapping its shore. Unlike other cities in Alaska, it wasn’t founded on gold or oil or furs but because a mining company decided it would be the best port railway terminus for its products. Interestingly, the city is one of the largest by area in the world covering several thousand square miles although much of the land is uninhabited, yet still within the city limits.

How do I get to Anchorage?
Anchorage is served by Ted Stevens Airport, four miles away from the city centre. Flights are received there from all over the world including Asia and Europe but only from Germany and Switzerland. UK travellers wishing to fly should either connect in the US or fly to Frankfurt or Zurich and catch a flight from there. Local buses will take you from the airport to the centre and taxis are also available for those that want to travel in more comfort.

Anchorage Alaska

What is There to See and Do in Anchorage?
If you go in winter, you’d better be a fan of winter sports because it’s cold and snowy with December averaging nearly a metre of snow! Most people go in the summer when the temperature reaches a pleasant seventy degrees. At that time people take to bikes or don hiking boots and head off into the wilds around Anchorage. Fishermen spend patient hours trying to lure the Alaskan salmon onto their hooks and lovers of the wild, camp out, braving the midges for stunning views over lakes and forests.

What Can I Buy in Anchorage?
Most of the independent stores are concerned with equipping you for the wild. Whilst Anchorage is a modern city with a feel that takes it miles from the great outdoors, the outdoors is actually just on the city doorstep, and in some places actually within the city limits. If you go to Anchorage and fancy a trip out into the countryside, there’ll be no problem kitting you out for the experience.

What Would you Recommend for Me to Eat in Anchorage?
One of the world’s favourite fish meals includes the vividly red Alaskan salmon and there are no end of establishments that will serve it to you in one form or other. The tastiest is lightly smoked, then grilled or barbecued and served with a lemon dill sauce.

What do They Celebrate in Anchorage?   
There are few celebrations there apart from the 4th July one. There’s a city fair when winter seems to be loosening its grip on the city and people are able to go out more. Christmas is magical there too with the snow covered trees and the icy cold, it’s just like the North Pole!

Latest Update from Anchorage:

17/06/12 - From the 5th June to the 31st of August, Anchorage is hosting 'Music in the Park', a series of free concerts of every type of music played in the summer sunshine of the city's parks. See for more details.

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Anchorage is the northernmost city in Alaska, which is one of the 50 states of America. Although Alaska had once been a Russian territory, it was bought by the Americans in 1867, which seemed a strange deal at the time until gold was discovered 21 years later.

Choosing to rent cars in Anchorage is ideal for an experience holiday due to the amazing snowy landscape of the state and the chance to see large wildlife such as moose or grizzly bears. The most popular time of year to go is during the summer when the weather can be fine and hot and there is lots of light. During the winter the days are very short due to the northerly latitude of Anchorage.

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