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Renting a 4x4 in Thailand

Long established as a key 4x4 rental destination, Thailand has been one of the leading global 4x4 rental locations with a vast fleet driven by consistent demand. Where once the demand was for genuine 4x4 rental in Thailand where 4WD and AWD was a must given the state of the roads outside of the cities, we are now seeng a surge in demand for smaller 4x4 and SUV rentals in Thailand for those just not looking to go off road, just moving with the automotive times and preferring a 4x4 / SUV / Crossover for everyday driving, much like they do at home. But there will always be a place for a real 4x4 rental in Thailand as our fleet's carry more 4WD vehicles than most locations in the world. If you're after a 4x4 in Thailand then you will be spoilt for choice.

4x4 rental Thailand


Most Popular 4x4 Rentals in Thailand

You'd be surprised how wide a range of 4x4 rentals Thailand has to offer. Unlike many vehicle rental destinations, hiring a 4x4 in Thailand has been common place for decades. The country has so many roads outside of the city limits that require genuine 4x4 and 4WD capabilities, 4x4 rentals have been popular for many years. And it's not any old 4x4 or SUV either, in Thailand you can rent some serious off road capable vehicles, the most popular of which are listed below;
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Honda BRV
  • Nissan X-Trail
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Honda CR-V
  • Toyota Vigo Double Cab

Manual or Automatic?

Our 4x4 rentals in Thailand are available with manual or automatic transmission, typically the cheaper end of the range will have manual gearboxes, however the high end vehicles are likely to come equipped with automatic transmission. If in doubt whether your chosen 4x4 is automatic or manual, please don't hesitate to ask our experienced team.

Other Car Hire Locations in Thailand

We specialise in car rentals throughout Thailand to find you the best price and that's a promise...

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