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Rent an Automatic in Mallorca

If you are worried about driving in Mallorca, whether you are not used to driving on the right hand side of the road, or just concerned about unfamiliar roads and getting lost, renting an automatic in Mallorca is a great option to take away one of the stresses of driving in unfamiliar circumstances. Don't worry about which side of the driver seat the gear stick is on when you rent an automatic in Mallorca. Access the cheapest deals on automatic rental cars in Mallorca via our network of trusted rental agents including Alamo, Avis and Thrifty.
automatic car hire Mallorca

Guaranteed automatic car rental Mallorca

When you book automatic car hire in Mallorca you are guaranteed to receive a car with an automatic transmission. Whilst only around 10% of all rental cars in Mallorca are fitted with automatic gearboxes, they are are not subject to the same 'or similar' terms and conditions of regular rentals. We appreciate that some of our customers may only have automatic driving licenses or not have driven a manual car for many years and as such always guarantee that if you book automatic car hire in Mallorca that is exactly what you will get. The exact make and model may change, but any replacement will always have an automatic transmission.

Most popular automatic rental car models in Mallorca:

  • VW Golf Automatic (compact)
  • Peugeot 508 Automatic (fullsize)
  • VW Touran Automatic (7 seater)
  • BMW 3 Series Automatic (premium)
  • Mercedes Benz Vito Automatic (9 seater minivan)
With access to over 13 automatic car rental suppliers in Mallorca we guarantee the widest range of make and models available for your holiday. Whether you want a rent a compact automatic rental car in Mallorca or looking for something from our premium range this has an automatic transmission as standard there are so many models to choose from.
automatic car rental

Cheap automatic car hire in Mallorca

Pick up from the airport or any of the major resorts in Mallorca and return elsewhere if you need. We can arrange one way automatic car hire in Mallorca for just a small extra fee. As with all of our rentals, oneway fees are always included within our quotes.