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Unveiling Lleida: A Gateway to the Pyrenees by Car

Sometimes known as Lerida

Lleida, located in the western part of Catalonia, Spain, is a city rich in history and culture, offering a blend of medieval architecture and modern comforts. With its proximity to the Pyrenees and beautiful surrounding countryside, it serves as an excellent base for exploring the region by car. Renting a vehicle in Lleida opens up a world of possibilities for adventure and discovery in this diverse area.

Benefits of Car Hire in Lleida

Airport Proximity: Lleida-Alguaire Airport is about 15 kilometers from the city center and offers flights mainly during the winter season. The more accessible Barcelona El Prat Airport is approximately 170 kilometers away, with a drive time of around 2 hours via the A-2 or AP-2 motorways.

Road Conditions: The roads in and around Lleida are generally in good condition, with clear signage. The A-2 motorway provides a direct route to Barcelona, while the N-230 leads north towards the Pyrenees.

Tolls: Note that the AP-2 is a toll road. If you prefer a toll-free route, the A-2 is a suitable alternative, though it may be slower due to heavier traffic and lower speed limits in certain areas.

Exploration Freedom: Lleida's location is perfect for those looking to enjoy mountain sports, visit national parks, or explore neighboring historic towns and villages.

Recommended Attractions and Distances

With Lleida as your starting point, a car allows you to reach various attractions:

  • Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park: Around 150 kilometers to the northeast, this park offers stunning alpine scenery, with peaks over 3,000 meters and numerous hiking trails.
  • Vall de Boí: This valley, about 130 kilometers away, is home to a collection of Romanesque churches, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • La Seu Vella (The Old Cathedral): Situated in Lleida itself, this historic site provides panoramic views of the city and surrounding area.
  • Mont-rebei Gorge: Approximately 90 kilometers to the east, this gorge features spectacular walking paths and kayak routes along the Noguera Ribagorçana river.

Lleida Car Rental Policies

When renting a car, you'll need to be aware of the following:

  • Insurance: Standard insurance is typically included, but you may opt for additional coverage such as a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).
  • Excess: A hold will usually be placed on your credit card as a deposit, and any damage will be deducted from this amount up to an agreed excess limit.
  • Upgrades: You can usually upgrade your car for an additional fee if you need more space or a more powerful engine for mountain driving.
  • Payment: A valid credit card is generally required for the security deposit.

Breakdown Assistance: Included in your rental for peace of mind, especially important in remote mountain areas.

One-Way Rentals with Rhinocarhire

If you're planning a broader itinerary, Rhinocarhire offers the flexibility of one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up a car in Lleida and drop it off at a different location. This is particularly convenient for those who may be hiking in the Pyrenees and need transportation back to their starting point.

Closing Thoughts

Lleida serves as a strategic launching pad for journeys into the Pyrenees and excursions to historic Catalan landmarks. A car hire turns the surrounding natural beauty and cultural sites into accessible adventures, all at the pace and rhythm of your personal travel desires. From the heights of mountain peaks to the depths of ancient cathedrals, Lleida by car is a promise of freedom and discovery.

Current Rental Rates in Lleida

Opel Corsa

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 31.50 EUR/day
Opel Corsa

7 Days rental at 220.50 EUR from 22/04/2024

  2 |
  Manual |

Toyota Aygo

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 31.61 EUR/day
Toyota Aygo

7 Days rental at 221.27 EUR from 22/04/2024

  1 |
  Manual |

Toyota Aygo

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 32.94 EUR/day
Toyota Aygo

7 Days rental at 230.63 EUR from 22/04/2024

  2 |
  Manual |

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Lleida: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • Lleida is one of the oldest towns in Catalonia with finds from the Bronze Age made around the town.
  • Lleida's other name is Lerida – don’t get confused, they’re one and the same.
  • One of the bridges over the Sicoris river in the town is built on original Roman foundations.
  • The town was the site of an atrocity in the Spanish Civil War when the local school was deliberately targeted killing 48 children and their teachers.
  • The town is known for its culture and several rock festivals are held in the town each year.


Lleida - Popular Destinations

  • Lerida Train Station, Plaza Berenguer IV Sin
  • Centro Logístico SEUR, Pol. Ind. Mecanova, N-240, 25191 Lleida

Best car rental companies in Lleida

No.1: ALAMO,
based on 3296 reviews
22 min (average wait time)
based on 2194 reviews
22 min (average wait time)
based on 4030 reviews
22 min (average wait time)

Lleida car hire information

  • 8.8/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    Alamo EMEA Corporate
  • € 220.50
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 31.50
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 22
    Most Popular Type:
  • 5
    Most popular model:
    Seat Arona
  • 81
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day in Lleida

January€ 38
February€ 32
March€ 47
April€ 42
May€ 60
June€ 61
July€ 80
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September€ 48
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December€ 48
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August€ 66
September€ 49
October€ 42
November€ 37
December€ 48
January€ 99
February€ 97
March€ 124
April€ 106
May€ 126
June€ 162
July€ 147
August€ 137
September€ 95
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November€ 97
December€ 87
January€ 50
February€ 46
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May€ 69
June€ 88
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August€ 85
September€ 61
October€ 50
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December€ 60
January€ 77
February€ 73
March€ 96
April€ 86
May€ 89
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July€ 106
August€ 113
September€ 110
October€ 81
November€ 84
December€ 77
January€ 32
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March€ 40
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July€ 67
August€ 56
September€ 39
October€ 34
November€ 26
December€ 43
January€ 58
February€ 52
March€ 75
April€ 56
May€ 79
June€ 90
July€ 103
August€ 76
September€ 63
October€ 58
November€ 55
December€ 59
January€ 39
February€ 37
March€ 43
April€ 51
May€ 75
June€ 80
July€ 97
August€ 80
September€ 48
October€ 44
November€ 34
December€ 64

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