Sanitised car hire in Belgrade

Look out for this icon to see which car hire brands have committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines, the following car hire companies in Belgrade, Serbia offer sanitised rental cars:

At present, none of the car rental companies in Belgrade have committed to offering sanitised cars.

Sanitised car
This car rental company has committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines.

Cheapest car hire in Belgrade


Volkswagen Up

4 Adults, 5 Doors

From 19.30 EUR/day
Volkswagen Up

7 Days rental at 135.12 EUR from 22/11/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Opel Corsa

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 20.94 EUR/day
Opel Corsa

7 Days rental at 146.60 EUR from 22/11/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Opel Astra

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 23.36 EUR/day
Opel Astra

7 Days rental at 163.54 EUR from 22/11/2021

  3 |
  Manual |

Renault Twingo

4 Adults, 5 Doors

From 26.49 EUR/day
Renault Twingo

7 Days rental at 185.49 EUR from 22/11/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Volkswagen Up

4 Adults, 5 Doors

From 27.25 EUR/day
Volkswagen Up

7 Days rental at 190.75 EUR from 22/11/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Dacia Sandero

5 Adults, 3 Doors

From 27.38 EUR/day
Dacia Sandero

7 Days rental at 191.69 EUR from 22/11/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Fiat 500

4 Adults, 3 Doors

From 28.36 EUR/day
Fiat 500

7 Days rental at 198.54 EUR from 22/11/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Volkswagen Up

4 Adults, 5 Doors

From 28.57 EUR/day
Volkswagen Up

7 Days rental at 200.03 EUR from 22/11/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

Toyota Yaris

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 29.54 EUR/day
Toyota Yaris

7 Days rental at 206.79 EUR from 22/11/2021

  2 |
  Manual |

*daily rates in Belgrade based on a 1 day rental (24hr period) and for guidance purposes only.

Useful to know about Belgrade

  • Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia having been the capital of Yugoslavia before it.
  • The name translates as ‘White City’.
  • It’s the largest city in South Eastern Europe.
  • The area was first colonised by one of Europe’s oldest civilisation, the Vinca.
  • Because of its history the city has a mostly Middle Eastern feel to it.

Belgrade car hire reviews

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Rated 3.8 / 5 | 1,800 reviews

Best car rental companies in Belgrade

based on 69 reviews
34 min (average wait time)
No.2: HERTZ,
based on 210 reviews
20 min (average wait time)
based on 33 reviews
24 min (average wait time)

Nearest car hire pickup locations in or near Belgrade


Jurija Gagarina 25 , Belgrade - Beograd, 11070


Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10z Np7, Belgrade, 11070


Aerodrom Nikola Tesla, Belgrade, 11180


Novosadskog Sajma 35, Novi Sad, 21000


Office At Arrivals , Airport Morava 36204, Morava, Serbia


Aerodrom Konstantin Veliki Nis, Nis, 18000

Belgrade car hire information

  • 8.8/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    SIXT Franchise
  • € 135.10
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 19.30
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 22
    Most Popular Type:
  • 8
    Most popular model:
    Opel Astra
  • 103
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day for car hire in Belgrade

January€ 35
February€ 34
March€ 26
April€ 33
May€ 32
June€ 152
July€ 50
August€ 49
September€ 45
October€ 43
November€ 42
December€ 38
January€ 32
February€ 31
March€ 22
April€ 30
May€ 26
June€ 158
July€ 40
August€ 39
September€ 38
October€ 34
November€ 34
December€ 32
January€ 66
February€ 66
March€ 61
April€ 54
May€ 55
June€ 370
July€ 100
August€ 99
September€ 87
October€ 89
November€ 79
December€ 71
January€ 51
February€ 56
March€ 37
April€ 51
May€ 48
June€ 202
July€ 81
August€ 73
September€ 71
October€ 64
November€ 60
December€ 54
January€ 130
February€ 186
March€ 130
April€ 127
May€ 119
June€ 126
July€ 156
August€ 153
September€ 139
October€ 118
November€ 118
December€ 109
January€ 28
February€ 30
March€ 18
April€ 25
May€ 22
June€ 23
July€ 29
August€ 31
September€ 28
October€ 25
November€ 26
December€ 28
January€ 77
February€ 74
March€ 69
April€ 64
May€ 71
June€ 161
July€ 94
August€ 96
September€ 86
October€ 88
November€ 82
December€ 80
January€ 51
March€ 52
April€ 43
May€ 42
June€ 46
July€ 70
August€ 73
September€ 66
October€ 61
November€ 50
December€ 51

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FAQs about car hire in Belgrade

How much does car hire in Belgrade cost?

Car hire in Belgrade costs as little as €19.30 per day, however the average price across all suppliers for a Mini class vehicle is €30.40 per day. The most expensive car to hire is €213.20 per day from EUROPCAR for a Porsche Cayenne.

What car hire companies offer sanitised car rental in Belgrade?

3 car hire brands have committed to maintaining sanitisation measures as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines in Belgrade, including GREEN MOTION, EUROPCAR, BUDGET, see the full list here.

What car hire companies offer sanitised car rental in Belgrade?

None of the car hire companies in Belgrade are currently offering sanitised cars as per WHO COVID-19 guidelines.

Who is the best car rental agent in Belgrade?

Based on recent customer reviews over the last 3 months, SIXT Franchise has the highest customer rating for car hire in Belgrade with a score of 8.7/10

with BUDGET EMEA Franchise rated second best with a score of 8.3/10


How much does it cost to hire a compact car in Belgrade?

Today’s cheapest price for compact car hire in Belgrade is €163.54 per week from GREEN MOTION.

Who is the cheapest car hire agent in Belgrade?

The cheapest car hire company in Belgrade is GREEN MOTION, with prices for a Mini class car such as the Volkswagen Up available from as little as €135.10 per week.

How much is fuel in Belgrade?

You can expect to pay €1.374/ltr of petrol and €1.395/ltr of diesel in Belgrade. You’ll pay a premium if refilling at motorway services of up to 10%.

What car hire agencies are available in Belgrade?

We can arrange great deals on car hire in Belgrade with leading car hire companies such as BUDGET, EUROPCAR, GREEN MOTION, HERTZ, SIXT as well as reputable, local car hire companies.

What type of car can I hire in Belgrade?

We can arrange Compact, Compact Elite, Economy, Economy Elite, Fullsize, Intermediate, Intermediate Elite, Luxury, Luxury Elite, Mini, Premium, Premium Elite, Standard and Standard Elite class rental cars in Belgrade.

How much does it cost to hire a convertible car in Belgrade?

We don’t currently have any convertible cars to hire in Belgrade, but we are working in it and please check dates for future rentals.
The price at the moment for a convertible rental car in Belgrade is €271.43 per week from EUROPCAR for a Fiat 500 Convertible.

Do you have a discount code for car hire in Belgrade?

We don’t have any discount codes for car hire in Belgrade at the moment, however GREEN MOTION rates start from just €135.10 per week. If you’ve found a cheaper price than €135.10 from GREEN MOTION in Belgrade or any other rental agent, let us know and we’ll do our best to beat it.

How much does it cost to hire a car for a week in Belgrade?

The cheapest price to hire a car for a week in Belgrade is €135.10 per week with an average price of €212.80 per week across all car hire companies.
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Information about the car hire agents in Belgrade

Most popular car hire companies in Belgrade

  • Sixt (tel: +381-648956071)
  • Sixt (tel: +381-648956071)
  • Budget (tel: 381 113113050)
  • Sixt (tel: +381-648956071)
  • Green motion (tel: +381 113 116 718)
  • Europcar (tel: +381117852820)
  • Hertz (tel: +381 11 20 28 200 )

Pick-up locations for car hire companies in Belgrade

  • Sixt (Kralja Milana 35, Beograd, 11000)
  • Sixt (Dunavska 27a, Beograd, 11000)
  • Budget (Omladinskih Brigada 90a, Belgrade, 11070)
  • Sixt (Vladimira Popovica 10, Beograd, 11000)
  • Green motion (Antifasisticke borbe 18, Belgrade)
  • Europcar (Bulevar Milutina Milankovica 9d, , GTC 41, Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia)

Car hire company ratings in Belgrade

  • BUDGET EMEA Franchise: Rated 8.3/10 from 16 reviews
  • HERTZ: Rated 7.9/10 from 7 reviews
  • Green Motion: Rated 7.2/10 from 6 reviews

Belgrade Mini Guide

Wasn’t Belgrade the Capital of Yugoslavia?
It was but following the break-up of the country during the Balkan Wars it’s now the capital of Serbia. It’s an interesting city being for much of its life a Middle Eastern city changing to a European one only in the twentieth century. Not much remains of the old city for it has been fought over in more than a hundred wars and has been completely destroyed 44 times in its history.  It was the home, eight millennia ago, of Europe’s largest prehistoric civilisation and has been Roman and Greek in history.

So, for a City With so Much History There Must be a lot to see and do?
There are dozens of important historic buildings dotted across the city although the oldest building from the Turkish occupation is considered unappealing. Head instead for such sights as the city’s two cathedrals or the Saint Sava temple which looks stunning with its night-time illumination. There’s also the mausoleum to Yugoslavia’s infamous ruler, Tito, known as ‘the house of flowers’. For an insight into Belgrade’s royal past, the White Palace is a good place to spend a day. There, amongst opulent surroundings, you’ll see great works of art commissioned by the royal family. If you’re feeling fit, climb the hill to the Avala Monument for a view out over the city.

What’s the Best way of Getting to Belgrade?
You have two long distance options which depend on the time you have. You can fly into Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla International Airport on a number of carriers including Serbia’s national airline, JAT. Some budget airlines operate there including Wizzair and Germanwings. A more interesting way to arrive is by train. You can catch a train from as far away as Moscow and Munich and many other major European cities. Some of the trains are direct requiring no changes. 

What is There to Tempt my Appetite?
Quite a lot really. Try the local speciality, borek, a filo pastry parcel, often cigar shaped and crammed with sweet or savoury fillings. The Serbians eat this for breakfast with yoghurt and accompanied with strong coffee. At night try rostilj, a platter of grilled meat of different types served with salad, chips or potatoes. For those with a sweet tooth, the Adore chocolate shop is a must visit highlight. There, the delicious chocolates are hand-made and renowned across the country for their quality. To drink you should try the Serbian version of ouzo called rakija. The aniseed flavoured drink is accompanied by water as it is so potent.

What Should I buy to Take Home?
The best place to shop is the flea market in Novi Beograd. Here, just about anything is available for purchase and the chances are that instead of buying souvenirs for friends back home you’ll buy something unusual you think they need!

Does Belgrade do Festivals?
Yes, a great many of them. They’re mostly held in the summer months and are music, food or alcohol based such as the rakija festival, the wine fair or the beer festival. The chances are that whilst you’re in Belgrade there’ll be at least one event happening.

Belgrade is a great city for a weekend break, it’s lively and has a lot for the visitor to see and do. Until nearly a hundred years ago it was part of the Ottoman Empire and there’s still a feeling of the Middle East to parts of the city.

For a great view of the city take your hire car to Belgrade Fortress. Today the interior is set out as a park for all to enjoy but the main reason for visiting is the view out over the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers below.
  • Belgrade car hire special offers

    We currently have 4 special offers for car rental in Belgrade including;

  • Free additional driver
    With this car you get 1 free additional driver available from BUDGET, EUROPCAR, GREEN MOTION, HERTZ.
  • Free GPS
    With this car you get a free GPS system available from BUDGET, EUROPCAR, GREEN MOTION, HERTZ.
  • Guaranteed 2020/2021-registered car
    We guarantee that you are going to get a 2020/2021-registered car at the desk available from BUDGET, EUROPCAR, GREEN MOTION, HERTZ.
  • Pre-Registration available
    For faster, easier car hire, add driver details before pick-up available from BUDGET, EUROPCAR, GREEN MOTION, HERTZ.

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